Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Quick note

Net access is limited for me right now, hence the blog sitting idle for a little bit.

Still looking for a job and I don't give a damn where I get one at this point. Other that that the holidays have been going well.

Not much else to say for now, I'll leave it at that.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Post Graduation

Welp, this weekend it was all said and done as my ass graduated from college finally.

Funniest moment in graduation: My family decided to suprise me and fly my brother out for the ceremony. I'm watching everyone get out of the two cars, mom, dad, grandmothers, and then my brother pops out of the back seat last, suprising the complete hell out of me.

I yell, "HOLY SHIT!" as soon as I see him...........Right in front of my grandmothers. Lucky me the only one who heard it didn't care and understood. The other grandmother was yakking up my mom about something and it slipped by her.

So big thanks to all that popped out on Saturday night to have a couple of drinks and a little bit of fun. Yeah, I got home fine that night and didn't puke my brains out or anything like that. Like I told you guys I kept things a little civilized. A little anyways.

What next? Not sure. Right now I'm the cliche geek who is living with a parent, but hopefully soon that will change. Fingers crossed anyways.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thoughts on graduation

It's about a quarter till 2 in the morning. I've hit a stopping point in the packing/cleaning of the apartment. Now it's just counting down the hours until I graduate from college.

I was telling a couple of friends that I kinda feel like that old cat from "Shawshank Redemption". I've been here so long that to leave feels odd and strange now, and Lord forbid I'm thinking of ways to stick around A friend pointed out that I'm leaving a social life, work, other friends, etc, that I've had for about three years now.

And that seems right on the money. True, I'll come back to visit to the sleepy little college town, but that's all it will be from now on, visits. I don't shuffle a few blocks away to the apartment now, I hop in the truck and go to wherever home is going to be in the near future.

I think about all that has went down in the time that I've been here at school. Doing something as simple as deciding to finish a college education has had a tremendous amount of highs and lows. When I decided to do this and put the life I had on hold to go through with this, some said that it was a big thing to do. A big risk, a bold step to pull up the roots and settle somewhere else in order to get it done. I never really saw it as something that big. I saw it as something that simply needed to happen, even though it meant not making nay money and being away from friends and family, making spending time with them the visits I talked of earlier.

I look back at this whole event in my life and look at everything that went down from deciding to do this in the first place to where I am today. I am positive that I still would have gone though with this because to me it was something that needed to be done. But there are little things that I would have done a little differently looking back now. I didn't realize them then (and there are too many to mention right now), but now they're as plain as the nose on my face. I guess that's the growth that I've had as a person over this course of time. When you reach a certain age, you stop thinking that you're done learning about life in general, and from here on it's just learning the facts, figures, and calculations to get though the day. That's not the case. I think that I've grown more as a person during my time here than any other time in my life. The second period that would fall would be the time I spent working/hanging out at the Hurricane.

So yeah, this weekend I'm getting a degree (and a whopping student debt), but I feel like I'm walking away from the sleepy little college town with a whole lot more. I know that may sound corny as hell, but that's what it feels like.

And with that, I wanted to add that for the time being my internet access will be very limited. Not like I've been posting a whole lot lately anyway, but for now I have a legit reason.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Adventures in moving

With graduation comes moving.

What a pain in the ass.

It's the typical thing of not knowing just how much stuff that you have until you have to shove it all in boxes and figure how to pack them all in a truck. I'm just one guy with not really a whole lotta crap, but I imagine a person with a couple of kids and a whole house full of furniture and I cringe at the idea of that.

Sunday I decided to take a small load of stuff to ease the burden later this week, some of the big crap that takes up a lot of the bed of the truck. The last thing to load was the DVD rack. I picked up the thing last summer for a decent price(cheap). I found out why it was a decent (cheap) price. It was a flimsy piece of shit. When putting it together, I had to sink a couple of extra nails in it to make sure that it would stand up and hold some movies. When it was all said and done, it was able to stand just fine.

Now let's hit Sunday, and the rack was the last thing to go into the truck. As I carry out to the truck the thing falls apart. Motherfucker!!!

I could have tried some wood glue and a couple more nails, but I was too pissed that the cheap piece of crap fell apart on me that I made a bee line to the dumpster and pitched the pieces away.

"Well," I thought "one less thing to move!"

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Ok, for that?

Here's a funny story.......Kinda.........

A record label sent us as a promotional stunt for a new single called "Save Me" a bright orange life preserver to the station.

I think you know what I did................

Yeah, I put that thing on and just hung out doing my thing. Got a couple of weird looks, nothing big. I'm used to weird looks even when I'm NOT doing stupid shit (this leads into something here folks).

It came time for me to go home and I was loading up my shit to walk home. Among the stuff that day were some broken down boxes for moving purposes. So I'm walking down the hall carrying about four boxes, and then I start getting weird looks from people!!

"Why the hell do you have boxes?" So I have to explain to everyone in the hallway what the damn boxes are for!

You expect to get questions wearing a life vest while in a building, in a landlocked state, but the box thing?

I'm used to people not getting me, but sometimes I just plain don't get other people.

Monday, December 04, 2006

The Playstation shooting

I just got done reading the news story about the guy who got shot by cops after he had beat down another guy to steal his Playstation 3. Time for my two bits.

All my life I've been a casual gamer, which means that I would lose time in a game if I really dug it, but quite honestly if I had never played a video game in my life I wouldn't notice the difference. And for a time there I worked for a video game retailer and would see firsthand the fanatical attitudes that people would have over picking up the latest game or console. Watching the hysteria that would ensue when the latest Madden game would hit would blow my mind. Here's folks who'd think that the sun won't rise tomorrow if they couldn't play the damn game that very instant. I'd also see parents bringing in little kids who needed some new clothes something fierce dropping big bucks for games and shit. That was really sad to see such a jacked up priority.

I also remember a few years back when a Grand Theft Auto came out and a coworker of mine was crying and bitching all day cause we wasn't able to get a copy till I told him to shut the fuck up and that it was just a game.

And that's what it is, just a game. True I like 'em just as much as the next guy, but to see people going all batshit crazy for something that they can quite honestly live without? Still blows my mind.

I'm not saying that I'm completely innocent when it comes to different stuff. There's been times when I've insisted on hitting the record store when one of my favorites puts out a new CD come hell or high water, and yeah I'd be bummed if I wasn't able to get it right then. But I also know that the world won't stop turning if I don't get my hands on it, and beating or killing someone over something that trivial? Come on!

Makes you sad that some people need such a reality check over a handful of microchips and plastic.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Snow rundown

Now that it's all over, let's rundown the snow that jacked us up for a couple of days from my perspective.

Thursday night: Left work about 6 p.m. when the big shit started to kick in. Realized that I had no food at my place so decided to run to the store and grab some stuff while the roads were still ok. Left the store and the parking lot was a mess, but the roads were till ok. Just fine to get home.

7 p.m.: Was settling down and sorting some laundry for washing when a friend of mine called me and asked me to come to her place for dinner and hang with the kids. By now the main roads were pretty jacked, side streets totally fucked. But a free meal from a friend of mine who is pretty cute? Can't say no to that shit! So I jumped back in the truck and hit the side streets, a threat to myself and others for a free meal and to get the shit kicked out of me "playing" with a couple little kids that are tornadoes of pre-school fury.

10 p.m.: Get home from the meal with a sore back from being crawled on. Roads, what roads? Lucky for me it was still snow and not iced down yet from traffic. I can handle driving on snow no problem, ice is a different story. Once home I get that cabin fever that pops up at the worst times............

You know what I mean. In a situation where you can't get anywhere due to things like no car or shitty weather, you immediately want to go somewhere, ANYWHERE! Granted you wouldn't be doing this if the weather wasn't shitty and your ride was just fine. So I opt to throw on a different shirt and walk down to the bar a few blocks away.

I start walking, still snowing like a motherfucker. The tracks my truck had made in the snow 'bout 20 minutes ago pulling in were covered like I had never pulled in.

Midnight: I'm drunk. PBR and whiskey warming up me up with a quickness.

1:30 a.m.: Bar closes and we walk to a friend's place down the block. The Geo of a girl we know is stuck from the snow that has fallen and what the plow has pushed up. Somehow with the right amount of yelling and questioning manhood, I make a handful of guys who are fighting push the girl's car outta the snow. Truly a John Wayne moment for me. Have a couple of vodka shots right after to warm up and decide to walk home.

Imagine Luke stumbling around in the snow at the start of "Empire" mumbling about Ben Kenobi. Now imagine Luke was stone drunk and giggling the whole time. That was me.

The next day: You know what really kills a hangover? Shoveling you car out of the snow, along with 3 other people who live in the building. Me out there, taking care of me and my neighbor, and people walking out saying, "Hey can you get mine out too?" Couldn't really tell 'em no. Be kind of a dick move to do that, and I didn't have to go to work that day so plenty of free time to shovel away.

Snow looks really nice when it's falling, and fresh, untouched snow is something kickass to see before it turns into a slushy mess, but damn if that shit ain't a pain in the ass to deal with.

Watching some movies!

Had a free weekend for once, so I opted to check out a couple of flicks.

Rented "Clue" cause I hadn't seen it in a loooong time. Still funny as all get out. That one is one of those timeless flicks like "The Jerk" that even though is kind of old still remains funny. The end with Tim Curry running around the mansion like a jackass to explain the crime? Best part of the flick.

And finally got to check out "Serenity", the film that picks up where the show "Firefly" left off. Allowing myself to watch it now that I've watched all the episodes. This one I really dug, as I knew I would.

What I really dug was finally seeing the big bad Reavers in the flesh. In the show you only saw the ships that they flew in when they were chasing someone, the stories that people would tell about how sick and twisted they were, and the one episode where the normal guy went nutty and tried to make himself into a Reaver. They kinda looked like Insane Clown Posse fans so yeah, they were plenty fucking scary. And I felt my eyes tear up when a couple of the main characters got killed off. But that's what the movie versions of stuff like that are for. Hell, take a look at the "Star Trek" movies. They were either killing someone off or blowing up or fucking up an Enterprise with each flick.

While I was watching "Serenity", I was thinking about the original show. How people really seemed to dig it, critics thought it was good, but it was canned pretty quick. Same thing for "Arrested Development", but it barely managed to last 3 seasons, a little longer.

Makes you wonder why shows like that were fucked as soon as they hit the air, but that damn Charlie Sheen sitcom keeps going.

Watching "Se

Saturday, December 02, 2006

And another thing...........

While I was on the topic of that fucked up job, another story of, "what the fuck?"

One of the things that the company wanted us to do, no required us to do, was when someone opened a new account at the video store was to give the new member a tour of
the store, showing them what was what and the deals that we have in the store.

That's right, I was supposed to walk you through the store like it was the damn museum of natural history.

Ok, I don't know about you, but this tells me a couple of things about the setup. The store doesn't put the movies in specific sections like drama or comedy. It has a new release wall, nearly new, and 2 for 1 among the sections, everything mixed in together. This tells me that setup may be too confusing to someone looking for something, so we have to show you around the store.

Another thing? How insulting is it that you have to be shown around a friggin video store? "You aren't bright enough to see signs telling you how much things are and where things are. Here, let me show you!" Bear in mind that most people, when they come into a new store they scope out the whole place as soon as they get in there! They've already seen all the shit! They don't need some asshole to show them around a second time.

Like I said in the last post, in retrospect, I'm happy to be outta there. Time to look forward now.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Back to square one

Before I kick in on this burning missive, if you get your hands on a DVD copy of "Clerks II", check out the MySpace credits at the very end (be quick with the pause button)cause my name is in there (along with a few thousand other people). That little bit made me giddy today.

Ok, on with the post.

The post graduation job that I had lined up and had even started at part time?

Yeah, that didn't work out.

It's kind of a long story. Needless to say that there was a fair amount of backstabbing done to me to make me look pretty much like the Antichrist to the higher ups in the company without my knowledge and to my shock and dismay. I thought things had been going pretty good! Shows how much I knew about what was going down.

When I found out about this, my mind was made up pretty quick to cut and run. Did I really want to move to a shithole little town and work with some people that pretty much had it out for me? Hell, what would you do? I told the higher up that was my decision to leave the company, thanked her for the opportunity, and got the fuck outta there with a quickness.

Truth be told I did like the job, but the big reason to take the gig was to have some employment as soon as I got outta school, and not scramble for a job once I passed the stage come graduation day. But in the back of my mind, there was a weird feeling I was getting, "Spider Sense" for lack of a better term telling me this was a really bad idea. It was telling me, "Don't do this, don't take the job. Anything but this." And like the thick headed jackass that I am I chose to ignore that, just happy that I had that all important post-graduation job.

So what now? I had put down a deposit on an apartment earlier this week in the shithole town. I talked to the landlord today and I'll get some of it back, but not all. I had anticipated that. The plan goes back to where I was pre-job. Couch surf at one of my parents houses till I find a job. Simple as that.

On the upside, I'm glad to have a little down time after graduation to chill a little bit. And I'm glad to not be working for a company that really had me saying, "What the fuck?" to how they operated the company. Best way to say it is that they were operating a large company with policies and rules that were more suited to running a a little mom and pop kind of place, not a company that rakes in millions a year. Really fucking weird. I don't feel like going into all of it at the moment, well a little.

The position was to be management for a video rental chain (not Blockbuster or Hollywood Video, I'm not gonna name the name). One of the rules they had on the book was that on the weekends all employees were to be dressed in business professional gear. A tie and all that good shit. That one struck me as really fucking weird. I mean let's face it. I'm working in a store where you can rent Playstation games and porno among other things. Me being all decked out while I'm letting a guy rent "Ass To Mouth #4" borders on overkill. I'm not selling high end electronics or cars or handing out bank loans. I'm renting fucking movies to people. You really think that guy whose gonna be jerking off to the movie I just rented to him is thinking, "Wow, that guy was dressed really sharp!"? No! He's thinking, "I wanna jerk off to porn."
That was just the tip of the iceberg.

No need to dwell on a fucked up store in a little shithole town that treated me like a jackass. Time to look forward and get this college thing done and over with.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Major fucking pissed

Reconnected with a friend of mine I ain't heard from in about three years. Really good to hear her voice after a long spell of time.

She's went through some hard times. Got dicked over by her now asshole of an ex-husband, leaving her up shit creek with two youngsters in two. As I talked to her, I had mental images of me going to town on the motherfucking, shitstain, dickless, worthless excuse for a human with a police baton till he was beaten retarded and not able to fuck over anyone else. Can't say how sick to my stomach it makes me to see a good, decent person who just wants a good life with a person get stabbed in the back by someone that supposedly loves them. It makes me wish that I had a big red "S" on my chest, could fly, had super strength.....You know what I'm getting at, infinite power to help folks who need it. But I ain't got that.

So pissed off? Yeah I'm that. After I got off the phone with her steam was coming out my ears. Had to do something to work off the angry energy I had going on. My remedy when I need to blow off steam? Polish my boots.

It's kind of like in the books when Sherlock Holmes would play the fiddle. Clear his head, do some hardcore thinking. That's what it's like for me. When I need to think about something, get my mind off something, blow off some steam, the black Kiwi polish, buffer sponge, and brush get pulled out. Tonight I whipped off the motorcycle boots, pulled out the kit, and started to polish. My mind goes into a different place as I apply the polish evenly across the leather, rub it in as good as I can, and go to town with the brush. You can tell how intense I'm thinking by the end result. Tonight I could see myself in the tops of the boots. Fucking mirrors.

On the upside, I started to brainstorm some ideas to lend her a hand, couple may actually work (totally legal I assure you). I feel like I can't not help her. I may be an asshole most of the time, but I'm not a fucking asshole.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Plunging further into the depths of geekdom

Posting these images means I'll never EVER get laid again.

I finally broke down and started getting into the now canned sci-fi/western show "Firefly". Really wondering why it took me so long to get into it seeing as how I was a big fan of "Buffy" the other show created by Joss Whedon. Rented a disc of some episodes over the Thanksgiving break, and between what I had caught on reruns? Yeah totally friggin' hooked.

I decided that I wanted to pick up the only season of shows on DVD, so I hit the local "entertainment superstore" to grab up the set. After securing a copy I looked around the rest of the store, and lo and behold what do I find..........

But a die cast metal replica of the Enterprise! Whooohooo!! I've been wanting one of those damn things for the LONGEST time! So what do I do? The only thing that I can do, I picked up both.

Walking through the store I had the urge to start screaming, "NO, I DON'T LIVE IN MY PARENTS BASEMENT AND I HAVE AN ACTIVE SOCIAL LIFE!!" I opted not to do that. I do have some self control.

Quite a sight to see, this evening in my living room. "Firefly kicking on the TV while I'm playing with a Star Trek ship. Usually I can keep my normal level of geekness in check, but tonight it was like a sci-fi convention of one in my living room.

Times like that? Kinda glad I live alone.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Remembering Robert Altman

Do me a favor folks, over this Thanksgiving break check out one of these flicks; MASH, The Player, Gosford Park, Popeye, Prarie Home Companion, Nashville, Dr, T And The Women, Short Cuts, or McCabe & Mrs. Miller and dig on one of the greats of American Cinema and KC native that we have lost Mr. Robert Altman.

I have had so much admiration for the man over the years. Making the leap from live theatre to directing for TV to making the jump to the big screen with a maverick style that set a lot of the Hollywood folks on their ears.

What really impressed me about Altman was that he was still going strong into his later years. When most people are content to chill and collect a Social Security check he was still going strong making some damn fine films that big names would lie, steal and kill to be in. I could think of no greater honor for a major actor than to say, "I was in an Altman film!"

The best story about Altman I have heard was when he was making MASH. Fox was making Patton and Tora, Tora Tora! at the same time as MASH on the Fox lot. He wanted to make the film his way, so he told everyone to keep his stuff on the down low. Elliot Gould and Donald Southerland, the two leads, wanted him canned for his directing style, and he had little to no budget to deal with.

MASH went on to be a huge success, spawning a sit-com that Allan Alda fucked up, and made Altman a major player.

What I really dug about his style was trying to take real life, and put it up on the screen. Look at the overlapping dialouge in MASH to see what I'm talking about. To me, no one has pulled of decent reality on the screen since Bob Clark with Christmas Story and Porky's

Robert Atman, you will be missed.

(cue the MASH theme here)

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Have to share this real quick......

Finished filling out graduation invitations. In one of them I put a special message to a friend......Here's what it said, more or less..........

"Thanks for being a good friend over the years, and letting me finger bang a girl on your couch that one night."

To who is getting this, you know who you are............

Now to to the story.

I found out where I'm being re-located to for the post-graduation job. A friend of mine used to live there, and she offered to show me around the sleepy little town.

Wow, what a jacked-up little town.

This place has, I kid you not, a combination drug/liquor/gun store!

At first, I was annoyed that the local Walgreens wasn't 24 hours, but this place evens things out! According to my friend, this place is a local hotspot (why am I not suprised)!

You can go in this place, fill your perscription of Percoset, pick up a case of cheap beer, and buy a friggin AK-47 and a machete!

Sometimes, you gotta love Missouri.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Time for a survey!!

Think we've done this one before, but it's been awhile.

The Misfits

This is where you belong in the annals of punk history!

You're pretty cool but sometimes the problem is, is that you know it. 9 times out of ten, you are the life of any party you go to, just be careful not to put your logo on everything you can. What you lack in substance, you more than make up for with style and flare. You are definately one of a kind, but don't let it go to your head... oh yeah, I probably wouldn't want to mess with you or tell you this to your face.

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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Monday, November 13, 2006

Some random stuff and finding a job!

Last weekend I talked to the boys about my birthday back in August and them filling me in on details that I don't remember from a combination of beer/Jager/whiskey/getting punched in the balls. Ain't it funny how you can communicate without using words? Apparently slamming your hand very quickly means, "Let me out of the back seat of the car , I have to vomit up beer/Jager/whiskey. If I become a mute I am so set!

And I was thinking of my buddy's wedding this coming spring! The reception's gonna be held at one of the KC casinos and I'm in the wedding party. I get a mental image of me in a tux strutting around like a pimp with a date on my arm in a casino..........................

Being a total fucking pig at the buffet, screaming at and kicking slot machines, and vomiting the now famous beer/Jager/whiskey combo to the disgust of my date (who am I kidding? The escort I paid for). The mental image I have is a bizarre hybrid of Dean Martin and Lemmy from Motorhead. Yeah, you ladies looooooove that.

So, here's another topic. With a month left to go before I graduate from college, I have secured post-college employment, but with the curse of all college graduates.

A job that is not in my major whatsoever that will pay better than ANY job that I would find in my major.

Man, don't give me that look. I know what I'm doing.

The last couple of people that graduated with a degree like mine? It took them about three to six months to find a job in the career field. As much as the idea of being a slacker sounds cool as hell, I'm not spending a few months crashing in my dad's basement while I forage for a job.

(though he DOES have a pool table and a foosball table in the basement)

And this job is pretty effing good! No corporate ownership where I'm a dumb cog in a machine, and the bosses seem to care about the employees. Quite simply, a fair wage for good work, kinda like John Wayne in the movie "McClintock".

Though the job sounds pretty good, don't sweat it, I'll still look for a job that goes along with the degree.

(doubt I'll find anything that pays as good though).

Monday, November 06, 2006

Damn it, it's real now!!!

Guess which one I am? Go ahead, make a bald joke I dare ya!

Today was a big friggin day. Drop by the registrars office and hot damn, the final paperwork for graduation went through! No fuss, no muss, no office person having to dig through dusty tomes for bullshit. It's all there!

I picked up the card I gotta take to the ceremony, and the card to pick up the cap and gown. Booked outta the registrars and down to the bookstore.

I hit the bookstore, handed the lady behind the counter the card, and was handed my cap, gown, and tassel. Wow.

I have to admit that when I had that stuff in hand, I started to get a little misty eyed. I threw on my sunglasses (can't see a tough guy crying) and walked to work holding that stuff. While walking, I started thinking about the long road that I've been on to get to this point. Things that I have accomplished, things that I have sacrificed. Times where I had all kinds of self doubt about what I was doing with myself down here, that I must have been half-crazed to uproot myself from my life, relocate to a sleepy college town to finish something that I knew I had to do.

I remembered the reason that I came back to school. I hate to leave something unfinished. I had hit a point in my life where the little voice in the back of my head telling me to go back to school had become a scream that I couldn't ignore. Take the risk, put my life on hold for a couple of years, get this college thing done once and for all. Use the degree or not, it has to be done, period.

I walked into work with all this going through my head, beaming with pride at what I have done, knowing that a little more than a month from now I walk across a stage and receive my degree. Just for the hell of it, I put on the cap and looked in the mirror........

GOOD GOD!!!!! I forgot just how STUPID graduation caps look! Can't I just safety pin the tassel to my black Kangol and go with that? Last order of business, look like a tool to get outta school! Nothing big.

Ah screw it, I'm gonna graduate!!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Are you ready?

It's here damnit, it's here!!!

So Halloween 2006 is one for the record books.

You ready for the annual onslaught that is Christmas?

For once I wasn't really seeing any early as hell Christmas stuff this year! I'm amazed! or maybe I wasn't looking hard enough.

Only thing I saw was a Wal Mart ad this morning while watching the news. I assume that once I get home from classes/work tonight and flip on the tube it'll be all sorts of Santa trying to cram shit down my throat.

"IF YOU DON'T GET YOUR KID A PS3 FOR CHRISTMAS THEY'LL HATE YOU FOREVER!!!" Get ready for that hitting you like a machine gun folks.

I do have to say the earliest Christmas crap in a store I saw was a few years ago in Dallas for a work trip. During some downtime between meetings and the crapper cause Dallas water was fucking me up I hit the hotel gift store to look for a couple gifts to take back. I walk in and it was like I stepped into a time machine that took me a couple of years into the future. It was decked out so's you'd think it was the end of November.

Only it was the first week of September.

I looked around for about 30 seconds and that was all I could take cause the pine smell was giving me a headache. I have never come across anything like that again, lucky me.

But now it's time to bundle up and figure out Christmas gifts for family members that you secretly can't stand. Anyone out there who was in denial about the time of year...........Sorry. Someone had to bust your bubble.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Doctor update

Yep folks, it's official. Rusty has high blood pressure. The kicker was the nurse telling me that if I get blurry vision, slurred speech, or pain on the left side get my ass to the emergency room. Waitaminit! Those are symptoms of a heart attack or a stroke (or a really good night at the bar)! Is it REALLY that bad?? Well geez, thanks for scaring the shit outta me lady, the b/p went up a little more hearing that!

Did a check Friday, and then one today. I was referred to a doctor today that, cause I don't have insurance takes cash or is willing to work out a payment plan.

Hmmmm.......That's all well and good, but I don't have the cash in the first place!

So that makes the blood pressure go up a little more. Wonderful.

Next course of action; find some home remedies that are out there that will help to reduce it. Oh yeah, and watching what I eat & drink, cutting back on smoking, etc.

Any of you out there know of anything I'd be more than happy to hear about it.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Bad TV habit

So it's the end of October, so my ass is usually planted on the couch watching horror movies. But as of late my ass has been hooked on a handfull of shows. Most serialized ones, but a few comedies are making the list. Let's take a look, shall we?

LOST: I'm still hooked on this one, but they better start wrapping some shit up this season, or I'm dropping that bad boy. But I gotta say that Evageline Lilly is one of the hottest girls on TV. Speaking of cuties on the tube.........

MY NAME IS EARL: This comedy still has me hooked. Of course it has the cutie Jamie Pressley as a dumb redneck, but I'm a big Jason Lee fan, and it's well written.

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: This show, IMHO, gets better with each season! Did you catch tonight's episode with the tibunal passing judgement? This is one of those shows that is a perfect mix of entertainment, sci-fi action, and social commentary on some of the stuff we're going through today.

JERICHO: This one has caught me......for now. It's about a town in the middle of Kansas caught in the midst of what they think is WWIII, and the secrets that people have in this town that are gonna make for a shitstorm. This is the first season, and so far it's going pretty good. Keeping fingers crossed on this one.

HEROES: This is the new biggie drama from NBC. All sorts of different people around the world find out that they have super powers like flight and able to heal from any wound, which is supposed to culminate in a huge fight in the middle of New York. This one is looking REALLY good so far.

And last but not least.............

TCM UNDERGROUND: Over on Turner Classics, late Friday nights Rob Zombie is hosting some of the best cult flicks that you're gonna find. Night Of The Living Dead, Freaks, Faster Pussycat, Kill, Kill! to name a few. It's reminds me of the old school "Creature Features" that the UHF channels used to run back in the day, and Rob Zombie is my favorite metal guy with his catchy hooks and use of old horror stuff in his music. Not to mention his movie "Devil's Rejects" kicks ass on many levels.

There you go folks. Enjoy! And you may want to rent previous seasons of Lost and BSG just so you know what exactly is going down. It's worth the rental price I assure you.

Funny stuff

Will report more later, but here's some funny web pics for the weekend, enjoy!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Another sign of age or Power Rangers and not the Hulk?!?

If you know who this is, then keep a walker handy.

I dropped by the local PBS station today to say hi to a friend of mine, and while there I check out a true gem that was being shown.

PBS was running the episode of Mr. Rogers where he and Mr. McFeely visit the set of "The Incredible Hulk"! Awwww sweet!!! Talk about a flood of memories..........

Back in the day when I was just a mini sociopath Friday night was the hard-core TV night with my family. It was tuned to CBS and stayed till bedtime. Friday night was Dukes Of Hazzard, The Hulk, and Dallas. My 5-6 year old ass was bolted to the floor for two solid hours of rednecks and green monsters, and then a full hour of me flexing and growling around the house pissing off my folks while they tried to watch Dallas till I was screamed at to get my ass to bed. Oh damn, talk about some good times.

My response to Mr. Rogers was me jumping up and down screaming "Holy shit, the Hulk!!"

All my friend could say was, "The what?"

I was floored for a second. Not recognizing a pop culture icon like Lou Ferrigno in green body paint? Absurd! Then it hit me that my friend is 10 years younger than me. Ok, I'll accept that.

I then tried to explain the wonder and glory that was the Hulk. Bill Bixby sporting the green contacts, Lou's flexing and roaring, and the classic, I mean CLASSIC two part episode where the Hulk fought the evil Hulk (played by Dick Durock, who went on to play Swamp Thing in both the movies. My extent of useless trivia is infinite!!!!).

I then thought back to a couple of weeks ago when the same friend was able to name off all the Power Rangers' names, colors, and special robot they rode or whatever. Ok, I don't know THAT (praise God!!!), and then I started to realize the age gap between me and my friend.

Kind of a letdown when this kind of stuff just comes up and slaps you in the face.

You gotta be kidding!! Then again, maybe not........

Maybe if I didn't feel like this every day........

Hit the doctor today for some allergy stuff cause my ears and head were feeling hella stuffed up.

The nurse took me back for the basics. Take the weight......Yeah, that's a good time. Take the blood pressure......Hmmmmm.......Nurse gets a funny look.

"That's a little high." Was what she said.

And damned if I couldn't feel it rise when she said that. For pity's sake, me?!? I'm not THAT old yet! I started going through all the basic shit right then.......

Let's see........I smoke, drink but starting to cut back cause the bar tab to get me buzz nowadays starts to reach the national debt. I've cut back on soda, but still drink green tea that has caffiene in it, gotta be a small improvement there. And my eating habits are slowly starting to get better, but am known to gorge every now and then when the mood hits me. But I've been under some stress what with the semester and all (see previous post).

The doctor hooks me up with some nasal spray and repeats what the nurse said, "That's not a great number" (no shit). She has the nurse check it again on the big machine and it's still the same. I'm told to make an appointment for Friday for another check of the BP, and to avoid smoking or drinking soda or whatnot before hand (what about some whiskey, please?).

Not stressing too bad right now. But that is a kick in the ass at the moment. Already a little stressed, and now this pops up?

Well, we'll just wait for Friday to come along and I'll report back. But for now Mork signing off, Nano, Nano.

Weighing in on the Limbaugh/Fox deal

So earlier this week ole Rush Limbaugh accused Michael J. Fox of "faking" his Parkinsons Disease to gain sympathy over stem cell research and such.

You know what? I think Rush is right.

Our buddy Mikey doesn't have Parkinsons! He's just a hard core drunk with the shakes! He's using Parkinsons as a cover! That guy just loves his vodka, that's all!

As a matter of fact I think people in wheelchairs are faking it so hard core! They're just too lazy to walk, want better parking spots when they go to the mall, and sympathy or free lap dances from strippers! Hey Larry Flynt, you ain't fooling anybody! It's just easier to get girls to pose naked when a guy in a wheelchair asks you to!

Boy, I'd love to see your faces right now......................

You should know me well enough that I don't believe anything I said up there. BUT I got you talking, I got you shocked, I got you pissed.

And that's what Limbaugh and his jackass types do best. They say a bunch of loaded statements that'll get people going, get their names in the news, and get people to pay attention to them.

It's shit said for shock value, nothing more, nothing less. Hell, how do you think Howard Sten got so friggin big? Do things that are gonna shock people so people will pay attention to you, regardless of what you think of them. You love 'em or hate 'em you listen to hear the next loaded thing that will be said or done.

I just wanted to say that.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Worn the hell down

Finally a few moments to spend on the blog.

Last week, busy as all get out. This week, not much better. Stuff just jumps outta nowhere all over me.

It still kills me, the assumption that college students are a slacker lot. I've worked in the "real world" while I took a few years break from the college world, and thinking through all the jobs I worked during that time, EVEN when I was working 2-3 jobs at a time, that this is the hardest I've ever worked.

You spend your day in class, and then right after that I hit the job (lucky for me right on campus). Work for a few hours and get home. BUT when I get home, I still have a hella stack of homework or reading to take care of. Slack on any of those things and then you're so behind in a class you may as well take an 'F'. And that's not gonna happen.

Add on top of that getting things ready for graduation in December. Getting everything lined up dotting all the i's and crossing the T's, it's a major pain in the ass. Not to mention that I've had issues with getting a class to count for graduation as a gen-ed course (long story there, let's just say that some jackass forgot to double stamp a piece of paper, thus breaking down the lines of communication between 3 different offices on campus. Hmmmm.......Didn't mean to go that long).

ADD ON TOP OF THAT, the stress that people lay down on you just by simply asking, "So whadda gonna do when you get outta school?" I know it's a harmless question on their part, but it sends my brain into a fit. Oh shit, I still gotta look for a FRIKKIN JOB! THAT'S THE REASON I'M HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! DAMNIT!!!

Yeah, add all those things together, plus remembering most of the time to shower, clean my place, and the other little shit like eating................That's a little bit on me plate. Lucky me there's not a spouse or kids to throw in this mix.

You lucky fools who complain about how hard your 9-5 job is when all you have to do is go home at the end of the day, crack open a beer and chill on the couch. Walk a little bit on my side of the fence. You'll never bitch about how hard you have it at work again.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A twisted thought............

That popped into my head today outta nowhere.

Stevie Wonder puts his hands over his ears so he can hear no one, and starts running around the room screaming, "Lookit me, I'm Helen Keller!"

Yeah, that's really fucked up.

Monday, October 16, 2006

I know you, do you know me?

Isn't odd and a little cool at the same time how you can know a lot about a person just from unintentional observation? Kind of like watching a prime time drama.

Here's the best example. At the gas station where I make a daily stop for smokes and a bottle of green tea just from seeing the interaction of the employees behind the counter, what they say, who they're talking about, etc, etc, I've been witness to who's dating who, who got married to who, who is pissed off at so and so , and all I've really said to any of those folks is, "and a pack of Camel Lights to go with that please, thanks."

This weekend I ran into one of the guys that used to work there while at a party and we shot the shit for awhile. I asked him about the stuff I saw behind the counter at the station and he confirmed what I had seen , and dropped a few nuggets on me that filled in some blanks. To top it off he still knew my name and what I would usually pick up. Talk about a two lane street there, huh?

The whole thing struck me as really trippy while I was still buzzing from a Crown and water. Catching all this info about people's lives in little nuggets one day at a time.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

More good therapy

Another one of "those" days. Getting worked down to the bone during the day whilst family issues have the phone ringing off the hook on my hip. Get some work done, and then drag your beat down ass home.

But damnit, they haven't flipped the master switch yet to turn on the heat for the apartment building, and it's COLD! No choice but to hide under the covers for the rest of the night.

Flip on the TV, and things go from bad to good in a snap. "Animal Crackers" is on TCM! Hot damn! Nothing like a Marx Brothers movie to flip the mood.

Now if they would only turn on the damn heat............

Monday, October 09, 2006

Minor Update

I hacked off the beard.........

And I still scare small children.

Just can't win. Oh well, that thing was scratchy to the point of insanity anyways. And when I would wear my glasses I would look like a shorter version of my boss. Weird, huh?

Latest Guilty Pleasure: Disturbed's cover of the Genesis song Land Of Confusion. I happened on it on the radio (first minute of it anyways cause I pulled up to my place), and now I have to listen to the song every couple of days. Though I do gotta admit outta all that crappy nu-metal that happened, Korn, Limp Bizkit, etc, that Distrubed is the one out of that lump that I really don't mind.

Not much else to say right now.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Scary without trying

At least I didn't look like this!
Speaking of "maintaining"......................

I mentioned earlier this week that I had let my beard grow out. Mostly cause of lack of time and me saying, "Hell with it, let it grow out again." Hadn't had one in a couple of years and I wanted to see it again.

Two days ago my coworker had his 2 year old daughter at work. Adorable in every way, just a cute-as-a-button kid. I went to say hi to her and she immediately ran behind her daddy, peeking at me from around he legs, looking scared as hell.

"It's cause you have a beard. Guys with beards scare her."

All I could say back was, "You kid must hate Kenny Rogers then.", but I was a little heartbroken. My appearance scare little kids?

When I got home that night the first thing I did was whip out the razor and started hacking away at my face. Moments later, I was back to having a clean shaven baby face. Not even my usual goatee going on. Being sacry looking to adults? I'm used to that. But scaring some poor little kid just by kicking a Grizzly Adams face? Then you gotta change it up.

Blunt honesty

In the past, I've been the king of bad comments that make people stop in their tracks and look at me like I'm growing an extra head. But sometimes I hear someone else do it it makes me glad I'm not the only person who does it.

For instance earlier this week I got outta work late, and me and some folks went to the local all night diner. We're sitting around chatting waiting for food, and I'm enjoying a damn fine cup of green tea. The girl sitting across from me gets a call, talks for a moment, gets off the phone and decides to announce, "That was a booty call, but I don't think I'm gonna take him up on it?"

The table looks at her with puzzled faces. Turn down a booty call? Who the hell does that? She then announces, "Well it's been awhile so I'm not 'maintained' down there.", aka she hasn't "trimmed the hedge".

The table is silent for two seconds then laughter erupts from everyone at the table. Hot damn! Too much information is a funny thing sometimes. But hey, you gotta give the girl props about caring about her appearance, in and out of her clothes.

Feeling dumb as a stump

Earlier this week I had to take a "standarized test". All I had to do was take it, no passing with a certain score, just required that I take it. Already a waste of an afternoon when stuff was piling up left and right.

These kind of test can kiss my ass on a number of different levels. Have you seen the questions that they ask on those freakin things? I mean come on! How often does the average person in their normal day, "solve for X"?

Bear in mind that the last kind of general education class that I had was eons ago, but I'm not a complete moron. Looking at most of these questions I was was thinking, "What the fuck? Ask me normal questions that REALLY apply to a standard of real life!"

Like this, here's some math! You have this amount of money, and you need to put gas in your car to get to work, but gas costs a shitload. How much gas can you put in your ride to get to work and back and still have enough green in your pocket to buy some lunch and a pack of smokes? That's a good question!

Here's another! You're getting cable installed at your place, and the cable guy will be there sometime between 8 and 5. How much of your day is gonna be wasted waiting on his ass?

And another "standard" question that should be on these tests, a lady you have the hots for says "she really likes you as a friend". What are the chances of your getting in her pants?

See? Now if you put questions like these on those tests, questions that apply to the shitty existence that we all have, national test scores would be so much higher, and we wouldn't have the media screaming at us that national test scores are constantly falling and that all Americans are about as bright as a dead roach.

Until that time when these tests become a true "standard" I request, that for every question on the current test, you add another answer to all questions..........

And that is..........Who the hell cares?

Best therapy


Take a page from the book of Rusty. You had a shitty day. Everything that could have gone wrong did. You try and get back up, but you keep getting kicked back down. The weight of the world pushes you into the dirt.

You get outta that bad scene, dust your ass off, and decide to blow off some steam, and kick the real world in the junk a coupla times.

You hit your favorite bar. You give respect knucks to your boys. You down a few well mixed cocktails with a PBR chaser. You jump on the stage for karaoke and sing a Ramones song that gets the fists of all the bar patrons up in the air with them screaming, "HEY HO, LET'S GO!!!". You sweep the ladies of the bar off their feet like you're the Fonz times 10, making them want more, and by that all is holy you deliver.

A bad day turns into an awesome day in the blink of an eye.

The best therapy you can get for the price of a bar tab.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Dag nab it!!

I restart the damn blog and this week I'm busy as hell with all sorts of odds and ends!

Just my freaking luck!

I'll find time to throw down on you in a day or two. Don't worry.

Monday, October 02, 2006


Had a bout of insomnia last night. I can count on having one at least once a month. Last night filled the quota for October hopefully.

Same old song and dance. I feel tired and lay down. 'Bout 30 minutes later I'm laying in bed wide awake cursing a storm cause I know the next day is gonna suck.

Last night I flipped on the bedroom TV to veg on something that would lull me to sleep. I landed on the re-make of "Invasion Of The Body Snatchers" on TCM with Donald Sutherland. Yeah, that really fucking helped.

The last scene when you realize that Sutherland is a pod person and he bugs out his creepy ass eyes and lets out that freaky alien howl was creepy enough that when I would close my eyes when I was finally sleepy I would see that image in my mind.

Fuck me running.

Hence today sucked something fierce.

Return Of The New And Improved

Guess who's back you silly bastards................

I know you missed me, you did! No reason to be shy there baby, now c'mere and gimme a big welcome back kiss.

Oh yeah baby, that's the good stuff!

After some time of reflection, soul searching, growing a beard, working up an obscene tolerance to booze (can kill a 12 of PBR and not even flinch), smacking around a few morons. I decided that it's time to bring this silly little fucking blog back.

In reality, it's just a stupid blog where my opinion is no better or worse than any other jackoff out there who is doing the same thing. I don't wanna change the world with this thing, nor do I think it would. I'm just gonna be me, shoot off my fucking mouth about things that I have no clue about, and we can all laugh about the the stupid shit I say and do as I trip through life like Dick Van Dyke over so may ottomans.

Hold onto your asses, and your nuts cause I'll probably take a cheap shot and nut tap you while you ain't looking cause I'm just that much of an asshole!