Monday, October 16, 2006

I know you, do you know me?

Isn't odd and a little cool at the same time how you can know a lot about a person just from unintentional observation? Kind of like watching a prime time drama.

Here's the best example. At the gas station where I make a daily stop for smokes and a bottle of green tea just from seeing the interaction of the employees behind the counter, what they say, who they're talking about, etc, etc, I've been witness to who's dating who, who got married to who, who is pissed off at so and so , and all I've really said to any of those folks is, "and a pack of Camel Lights to go with that please, thanks."

This weekend I ran into one of the guys that used to work there while at a party and we shot the shit for awhile. I asked him about the stuff I saw behind the counter at the station and he confirmed what I had seen , and dropped a few nuggets on me that filled in some blanks. To top it off he still knew my name and what I would usually pick up. Talk about a two lane street there, huh?

The whole thing struck me as really trippy while I was still buzzing from a Crown and water. Catching all this info about people's lives in little nuggets one day at a time.


Steve said...

this is completely off topic, but I caught "heroes" tonight and it was really good, much better than the first episode....I think I'll be watching it now :)


Steve said...

also BTW

I was telling you about Klaus Nomi in venture bros. here ya go:

he was on there because he started as one of david bowies backup singers...

satyavati said...

Think about how much we learn about each other just by reading the blogs... if I were to meet you in a bar somewhere I feel like we'd have plenty to talk about, even though we'd never really 'met'.