Monday, October 02, 2006

Return Of The New And Improved

Guess who's back you silly bastards................

I know you missed me, you did! No reason to be shy there baby, now c'mere and gimme a big welcome back kiss.

Oh yeah baby, that's the good stuff!

After some time of reflection, soul searching, growing a beard, working up an obscene tolerance to booze (can kill a 12 of PBR and not even flinch), smacking around a few morons. I decided that it's time to bring this silly little fucking blog back.

In reality, it's just a stupid blog where my opinion is no better or worse than any other jackoff out there who is doing the same thing. I don't wanna change the world with this thing, nor do I think it would. I'm just gonna be me, shoot off my fucking mouth about things that I have no clue about, and we can all laugh about the the stupid shit I say and do as I trip through life like Dick Van Dyke over so may ottomans.

Hold onto your asses, and your nuts cause I'll probably take a cheap shot and nut tap you while you ain't looking cause I'm just that much of an asshole!


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