Friday, October 06, 2006

Scary without trying

At least I didn't look like this!
Speaking of "maintaining"......................

I mentioned earlier this week that I had let my beard grow out. Mostly cause of lack of time and me saying, "Hell with it, let it grow out again." Hadn't had one in a couple of years and I wanted to see it again.

Two days ago my coworker had his 2 year old daughter at work. Adorable in every way, just a cute-as-a-button kid. I went to say hi to her and she immediately ran behind her daddy, peeking at me from around he legs, looking scared as hell.

"It's cause you have a beard. Guys with beards scare her."

All I could say back was, "You kid must hate Kenny Rogers then.", but I was a little heartbroken. My appearance scare little kids?

When I got home that night the first thing I did was whip out the razor and started hacking away at my face. Moments later, I was back to having a clean shaven baby face. Not even my usual goatee going on. Being sacry looking to adults? I'm used to that. But scaring some poor little kid just by kicking a Grizzly Adams face? Then you gotta change it up.

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Brent said...

Speaking of Kenny Rogers, have you seen him lately?? Plastic surgery did not fare well for him.