Wednesday, October 25, 2006

You gotta be kidding!! Then again, maybe not........

Maybe if I didn't feel like this every day........

Hit the doctor today for some allergy stuff cause my ears and head were feeling hella stuffed up.

The nurse took me back for the basics. Take the weight......Yeah, that's a good time. Take the blood pressure......Hmmmmm.......Nurse gets a funny look.

"That's a little high." Was what she said.

And damned if I couldn't feel it rise when she said that. For pity's sake, me?!? I'm not THAT old yet! I started going through all the basic shit right then.......

Let's see........I smoke, drink but starting to cut back cause the bar tab to get me buzz nowadays starts to reach the national debt. I've cut back on soda, but still drink green tea that has caffiene in it, gotta be a small improvement there. And my eating habits are slowly starting to get better, but am known to gorge every now and then when the mood hits me. But I've been under some stress what with the semester and all (see previous post).

The doctor hooks me up with some nasal spray and repeats what the nurse said, "That's not a great number" (no shit). She has the nurse check it again on the big machine and it's still the same. I'm told to make an appointment for Friday for another check of the BP, and to avoid smoking or drinking soda or whatnot before hand (what about some whiskey, please?).

Not stressing too bad right now. But that is a kick in the ass at the moment. Already a little stressed, and now this pops up?

Well, we'll just wait for Friday to come along and I'll report back. But for now Mork signing off, Nano, Nano.

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