Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Are you ready?

It's here damnit, it's here!!!

So Halloween 2006 is one for the record books.

You ready for the annual onslaught that is Christmas?

For once I wasn't really seeing any early as hell Christmas stuff this year! I'm amazed! or maybe I wasn't looking hard enough.

Only thing I saw was a Wal Mart ad this morning while watching the news. I assume that once I get home from classes/work tonight and flip on the tube it'll be all sorts of Santa trying to cram shit down my throat.

"IF YOU DON'T GET YOUR KID A PS3 FOR CHRISTMAS THEY'LL HATE YOU FOREVER!!!" Get ready for that hitting you like a machine gun folks.

I do have to say the earliest Christmas crap in a store I saw was a few years ago in Dallas for a work trip. During some downtime between meetings and the crapper cause Dallas water was fucking me up I hit the hotel gift store to look for a couple gifts to take back. I walk in and it was like I stepped into a time machine that took me a couple of years into the future. It was decked out so's you'd think it was the end of November.

Only it was the first week of September.

I looked around for about 30 seconds and that was all I could take cause the pine smell was giving me a headache. I have never come across anything like that again, lucky me.

But now it's time to bundle up and figure out Christmas gifts for family members that you secretly can't stand. Anyone out there who was in denial about the time of year...........Sorry. Someone had to bust your bubble.

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