Monday, November 13, 2006

Some random stuff and finding a job!

Last weekend I talked to the boys about my birthday back in August and them filling me in on details that I don't remember from a combination of beer/Jager/whiskey/getting punched in the balls. Ain't it funny how you can communicate without using words? Apparently slamming your hand very quickly means, "Let me out of the back seat of the car , I have to vomit up beer/Jager/whiskey. If I become a mute I am so set!

And I was thinking of my buddy's wedding this coming spring! The reception's gonna be held at one of the KC casinos and I'm in the wedding party. I get a mental image of me in a tux strutting around like a pimp with a date on my arm in a casino..........................

Being a total fucking pig at the buffet, screaming at and kicking slot machines, and vomiting the now famous beer/Jager/whiskey combo to the disgust of my date (who am I kidding? The escort I paid for). The mental image I have is a bizarre hybrid of Dean Martin and Lemmy from Motorhead. Yeah, you ladies looooooove that.

So, here's another topic. With a month left to go before I graduate from college, I have secured post-college employment, but with the curse of all college graduates.

A job that is not in my major whatsoever that will pay better than ANY job that I would find in my major.

Man, don't give me that look. I know what I'm doing.

The last couple of people that graduated with a degree like mine? It took them about three to six months to find a job in the career field. As much as the idea of being a slacker sounds cool as hell, I'm not spending a few months crashing in my dad's basement while I forage for a job.

(though he DOES have a pool table and a foosball table in the basement)

And this job is pretty effing good! No corporate ownership where I'm a dumb cog in a machine, and the bosses seem to care about the employees. Quite simply, a fair wage for good work, kinda like John Wayne in the movie "McClintock".

Though the job sounds pretty good, don't sweat it, I'll still look for a job that goes along with the degree.

(doubt I'll find anything that pays as good though).


Greg Beck said...

sweet, what's the gig?

Rusty said...

I wanna keep it under wraps here, don't wanna jinx it, or chance my employers seeing how screwed up I am.