Monday, December 11, 2006

Adventures in moving

With graduation comes moving.

What a pain in the ass.

It's the typical thing of not knowing just how much stuff that you have until you have to shove it all in boxes and figure how to pack them all in a truck. I'm just one guy with not really a whole lotta crap, but I imagine a person with a couple of kids and a whole house full of furniture and I cringe at the idea of that.

Sunday I decided to take a small load of stuff to ease the burden later this week, some of the big crap that takes up a lot of the bed of the truck. The last thing to load was the DVD rack. I picked up the thing last summer for a decent price(cheap). I found out why it was a decent (cheap) price. It was a flimsy piece of shit. When putting it together, I had to sink a couple of extra nails in it to make sure that it would stand up and hold some movies. When it was all said and done, it was able to stand just fine.

Now let's hit Sunday, and the rack was the last thing to go into the truck. As I carry out to the truck the thing falls apart. Motherfucker!!!

I could have tried some wood glue and a couple more nails, but I was too pissed that the cheap piece of crap fell apart on me that I made a bee line to the dumpster and pitched the pieces away.

"Well," I thought "one less thing to move!"

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