Thursday, December 07, 2006

Ok, for that?

Here's a funny story.......Kinda.........

A record label sent us as a promotional stunt for a new single called "Save Me" a bright orange life preserver to the station.

I think you know what I did................

Yeah, I put that thing on and just hung out doing my thing. Got a couple of weird looks, nothing big. I'm used to weird looks even when I'm NOT doing stupid shit (this leads into something here folks).

It came time for me to go home and I was loading up my shit to walk home. Among the stuff that day were some broken down boxes for moving purposes. So I'm walking down the hall carrying about four boxes, and then I start getting weird looks from people!!

"Why the hell do you have boxes?" So I have to explain to everyone in the hallway what the damn boxes are for!

You expect to get questions wearing a life vest while in a building, in a landlocked state, but the box thing?

I'm used to people not getting me, but sometimes I just plain don't get other people.

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