Monday, December 04, 2006

The Playstation shooting

I just got done reading the news story about the guy who got shot by cops after he had beat down another guy to steal his Playstation 3. Time for my two bits.

All my life I've been a casual gamer, which means that I would lose time in a game if I really dug it, but quite honestly if I had never played a video game in my life I wouldn't notice the difference. And for a time there I worked for a video game retailer and would see firsthand the fanatical attitudes that people would have over picking up the latest game or console. Watching the hysteria that would ensue when the latest Madden game would hit would blow my mind. Here's folks who'd think that the sun won't rise tomorrow if they couldn't play the damn game that very instant. I'd also see parents bringing in little kids who needed some new clothes something fierce dropping big bucks for games and shit. That was really sad to see such a jacked up priority.

I also remember a few years back when a Grand Theft Auto came out and a coworker of mine was crying and bitching all day cause we wasn't able to get a copy till I told him to shut the fuck up and that it was just a game.

And that's what it is, just a game. True I like 'em just as much as the next guy, but to see people going all batshit crazy for something that they can quite honestly live without? Still blows my mind.

I'm not saying that I'm completely innocent when it comes to different stuff. There's been times when I've insisted on hitting the record store when one of my favorites puts out a new CD come hell or high water, and yeah I'd be bummed if I wasn't able to get it right then. But I also know that the world won't stop turning if I don't get my hands on it, and beating or killing someone over something that trivial? Come on!

Makes you sad that some people need such a reality check over a handful of microchips and plastic.

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