Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Post Graduation

Welp, this weekend it was all said and done as my ass graduated from college finally.

Funniest moment in graduation: My family decided to suprise me and fly my brother out for the ceremony. I'm watching everyone get out of the two cars, mom, dad, grandmothers, and then my brother pops out of the back seat last, suprising the complete hell out of me.

I yell, "HOLY SHIT!" as soon as I see him...........Right in front of my grandmothers. Lucky me the only one who heard it didn't care and understood. The other grandmother was yakking up my mom about something and it slipped by her.

So big thanks to all that popped out on Saturday night to have a couple of drinks and a little bit of fun. Yeah, I got home fine that night and didn't puke my brains out or anything like that. Like I told you guys I kept things a little civilized. A little anyways.

What next? Not sure. Right now I'm the cliche geek who is living with a parent, but hopefully soon that will change. Fingers crossed anyways.


satyavati said...

I think I've been reading the blog about as long as you've been in school. I know it hasn't been easy, but I never doubted you'd make it.

G-Man said...

Congrats!!! and Happy Holidays!!

wellhellmichelle said...

Congratulations Rusty. Good to see your Lex Luther ass out that night :)