Sunday, December 03, 2006

Snow rundown

Now that it's all over, let's rundown the snow that jacked us up for a couple of days from my perspective.

Thursday night: Left work about 6 p.m. when the big shit started to kick in. Realized that I had no food at my place so decided to run to the store and grab some stuff while the roads were still ok. Left the store and the parking lot was a mess, but the roads were till ok. Just fine to get home.

7 p.m.: Was settling down and sorting some laundry for washing when a friend of mine called me and asked me to come to her place for dinner and hang with the kids. By now the main roads were pretty jacked, side streets totally fucked. But a free meal from a friend of mine who is pretty cute? Can't say no to that shit! So I jumped back in the truck and hit the side streets, a threat to myself and others for a free meal and to get the shit kicked out of me "playing" with a couple little kids that are tornadoes of pre-school fury.

10 p.m.: Get home from the meal with a sore back from being crawled on. Roads, what roads? Lucky for me it was still snow and not iced down yet from traffic. I can handle driving on snow no problem, ice is a different story. Once home I get that cabin fever that pops up at the worst times............

You know what I mean. In a situation where you can't get anywhere due to things like no car or shitty weather, you immediately want to go somewhere, ANYWHERE! Granted you wouldn't be doing this if the weather wasn't shitty and your ride was just fine. So I opt to throw on a different shirt and walk down to the bar a few blocks away.

I start walking, still snowing like a motherfucker. The tracks my truck had made in the snow 'bout 20 minutes ago pulling in were covered like I had never pulled in.

Midnight: I'm drunk. PBR and whiskey warming up me up with a quickness.

1:30 a.m.: Bar closes and we walk to a friend's place down the block. The Geo of a girl we know is stuck from the snow that has fallen and what the plow has pushed up. Somehow with the right amount of yelling and questioning manhood, I make a handful of guys who are fighting push the girl's car outta the snow. Truly a John Wayne moment for me. Have a couple of vodka shots right after to warm up and decide to walk home.

Imagine Luke stumbling around in the snow at the start of "Empire" mumbling about Ben Kenobi. Now imagine Luke was stone drunk and giggling the whole time. That was me.

The next day: You know what really kills a hangover? Shoveling you car out of the snow, along with 3 other people who live in the building. Me out there, taking care of me and my neighbor, and people walking out saying, "Hey can you get mine out too?" Couldn't really tell 'em no. Be kind of a dick move to do that, and I didn't have to go to work that day so plenty of free time to shovel away.

Snow looks really nice when it's falling, and fresh, untouched snow is something kickass to see before it turns into a slushy mess, but damn if that shit ain't a pain in the ass to deal with.

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