Sunday, December 03, 2006

Watching some movies!

Had a free weekend for once, so I opted to check out a couple of flicks.

Rented "Clue" cause I hadn't seen it in a loooong time. Still funny as all get out. That one is one of those timeless flicks like "The Jerk" that even though is kind of old still remains funny. The end with Tim Curry running around the mansion like a jackass to explain the crime? Best part of the flick.

And finally got to check out "Serenity", the film that picks up where the show "Firefly" left off. Allowing myself to watch it now that I've watched all the episodes. This one I really dug, as I knew I would.

What I really dug was finally seeing the big bad Reavers in the flesh. In the show you only saw the ships that they flew in when they were chasing someone, the stories that people would tell about how sick and twisted they were, and the one episode where the normal guy went nutty and tried to make himself into a Reaver. They kinda looked like Insane Clown Posse fans so yeah, they were plenty fucking scary. And I felt my eyes tear up when a couple of the main characters got killed off. But that's what the movie versions of stuff like that are for. Hell, take a look at the "Star Trek" movies. They were either killing someone off or blowing up or fucking up an Enterprise with each flick.

While I was watching "Serenity", I was thinking about the original show. How people really seemed to dig it, critics thought it was good, but it was canned pretty quick. Same thing for "Arrested Development", but it barely managed to last 3 seasons, a little longer.

Makes you wonder why shows like that were fucked as soon as they hit the air, but that damn Charlie Sheen sitcom keeps going.

Watching "Se

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Reel Fanatic said...

Serenity was just good old-fashioned sci-fi, mixed of course with that great Joss Whedon dialogue, which is the perfect mix .. I was hoping the Sci-Fi Channel would be able to lure him back to continue the series, but it doesn't look likely