Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Quick note

Net access is limited for me right now, hence the blog sitting idle for a little bit.

Still looking for a job and I don't give a damn where I get one at this point. Other that that the holidays have been going well.

Not much else to say for now, I'll leave it at that.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Post Graduation

Welp, this weekend it was all said and done as my ass graduated from college finally.

Funniest moment in graduation: My family decided to suprise me and fly my brother out for the ceremony. I'm watching everyone get out of the two cars, mom, dad, grandmothers, and then my brother pops out of the back seat last, suprising the complete hell out of me.

I yell, "HOLY SHIT!" as soon as I see him...........Right in front of my grandmothers. Lucky me the only one who heard it didn't care and understood. The other grandmother was yakking up my mom about something and it slipped by her.

So big thanks to all that popped out on Saturday night to have a couple of drinks and a little bit of fun. Yeah, I got home fine that night and didn't puke my brains out or anything like that. Like I told you guys I kept things a little civilized. A little anyways.

What next? Not sure. Right now I'm the cliche geek who is living with a parent, but hopefully soon that will change. Fingers crossed anyways.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thoughts on graduation

It's about a quarter till 2 in the morning. I've hit a stopping point in the packing/cleaning of the apartment. Now it's just counting down the hours until I graduate from college.

I was telling a couple of friends that I kinda feel like that old cat from "Shawshank Redemption". I've been here so long that to leave feels odd and strange now, and Lord forbid I'm thinking of ways to stick around A friend pointed out that I'm leaving a social life, work, other friends, etc, that I've had for about three years now.

And that seems right on the money. True, I'll come back to visit to the sleepy little college town, but that's all it will be from now on, visits. I don't shuffle a few blocks away to the apartment now, I hop in the truck and go to wherever home is going to be in the near future.

I think about all that has went down in the time that I've been here at school. Doing something as simple as deciding to finish a college education has had a tremendous amount of highs and lows. When I decided to do this and put the life I had on hold to go through with this, some said that it was a big thing to do. A big risk, a bold step to pull up the roots and settle somewhere else in order to get it done. I never really saw it as something that big. I saw it as something that simply needed to happen, even though it meant not making nay money and being away from friends and family, making spending time with them the visits I talked of earlier.

I look back at this whole event in my life and look at everything that went down from deciding to do this in the first place to where I am today. I am positive that I still would have gone though with this because to me it was something that needed to be done. But there are little things that I would have done a little differently looking back now. I didn't realize them then (and there are too many to mention right now), but now they're as plain as the nose on my face. I guess that's the growth that I've had as a person over this course of time. When you reach a certain age, you stop thinking that you're done learning about life in general, and from here on it's just learning the facts, figures, and calculations to get though the day. That's not the case. I think that I've grown more as a person during my time here than any other time in my life. The second period that would fall would be the time I spent working/hanging out at the Hurricane.

So yeah, this weekend I'm getting a degree (and a whopping student debt), but I feel like I'm walking away from the sleepy little college town with a whole lot more. I know that may sound corny as hell, but that's what it feels like.

And with that, I wanted to add that for the time being my internet access will be very limited. Not like I've been posting a whole lot lately anyway, but for now I have a legit reason.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Adventures in moving

With graduation comes moving.

What a pain in the ass.

It's the typical thing of not knowing just how much stuff that you have until you have to shove it all in boxes and figure how to pack them all in a truck. I'm just one guy with not really a whole lotta crap, but I imagine a person with a couple of kids and a whole house full of furniture and I cringe at the idea of that.

Sunday I decided to take a small load of stuff to ease the burden later this week, some of the big crap that takes up a lot of the bed of the truck. The last thing to load was the DVD rack. I picked up the thing last summer for a decent price(cheap). I found out why it was a decent (cheap) price. It was a flimsy piece of shit. When putting it together, I had to sink a couple of extra nails in it to make sure that it would stand up and hold some movies. When it was all said and done, it was able to stand just fine.

Now let's hit Sunday, and the rack was the last thing to go into the truck. As I carry out to the truck the thing falls apart. Motherfucker!!!

I could have tried some wood glue and a couple more nails, but I was too pissed that the cheap piece of crap fell apart on me that I made a bee line to the dumpster and pitched the pieces away.

"Well," I thought "one less thing to move!"

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Ok, for that?

Here's a funny story.......Kinda.........

A record label sent us as a promotional stunt for a new single called "Save Me" a bright orange life preserver to the station.

I think you know what I did................

Yeah, I put that thing on and just hung out doing my thing. Got a couple of weird looks, nothing big. I'm used to weird looks even when I'm NOT doing stupid shit (this leads into something here folks).

It came time for me to go home and I was loading up my shit to walk home. Among the stuff that day were some broken down boxes for moving purposes. So I'm walking down the hall carrying about four boxes, and then I start getting weird looks from people!!

"Why the hell do you have boxes?" So I have to explain to everyone in the hallway what the damn boxes are for!

You expect to get questions wearing a life vest while in a building, in a landlocked state, but the box thing?

I'm used to people not getting me, but sometimes I just plain don't get other people.

Monday, December 04, 2006

The Playstation shooting

I just got done reading the news story about the guy who got shot by cops after he had beat down another guy to steal his Playstation 3. Time for my two bits.

All my life I've been a casual gamer, which means that I would lose time in a game if I really dug it, but quite honestly if I had never played a video game in my life I wouldn't notice the difference. And for a time there I worked for a video game retailer and would see firsthand the fanatical attitudes that people would have over picking up the latest game or console. Watching the hysteria that would ensue when the latest Madden game would hit would blow my mind. Here's folks who'd think that the sun won't rise tomorrow if they couldn't play the damn game that very instant. I'd also see parents bringing in little kids who needed some new clothes something fierce dropping big bucks for games and shit. That was really sad to see such a jacked up priority.

I also remember a few years back when a Grand Theft Auto came out and a coworker of mine was crying and bitching all day cause we wasn't able to get a copy till I told him to shut the fuck up and that it was just a game.

And that's what it is, just a game. True I like 'em just as much as the next guy, but to see people going all batshit crazy for something that they can quite honestly live without? Still blows my mind.

I'm not saying that I'm completely innocent when it comes to different stuff. There's been times when I've insisted on hitting the record store when one of my favorites puts out a new CD come hell or high water, and yeah I'd be bummed if I wasn't able to get it right then. But I also know that the world won't stop turning if I don't get my hands on it, and beating or killing someone over something that trivial? Come on!

Makes you sad that some people need such a reality check over a handful of microchips and plastic.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Snow rundown

Now that it's all over, let's rundown the snow that jacked us up for a couple of days from my perspective.

Thursday night: Left work about 6 p.m. when the big shit started to kick in. Realized that I had no food at my place so decided to run to the store and grab some stuff while the roads were still ok. Left the store and the parking lot was a mess, but the roads were till ok. Just fine to get home.

7 p.m.: Was settling down and sorting some laundry for washing when a friend of mine called me and asked me to come to her place for dinner and hang with the kids. By now the main roads were pretty jacked, side streets totally fucked. But a free meal from a friend of mine who is pretty cute? Can't say no to that shit! So I jumped back in the truck and hit the side streets, a threat to myself and others for a free meal and to get the shit kicked out of me "playing" with a couple little kids that are tornadoes of pre-school fury.

10 p.m.: Get home from the meal with a sore back from being crawled on. Roads, what roads? Lucky for me it was still snow and not iced down yet from traffic. I can handle driving on snow no problem, ice is a different story. Once home I get that cabin fever that pops up at the worst times............

You know what I mean. In a situation where you can't get anywhere due to things like no car or shitty weather, you immediately want to go somewhere, ANYWHERE! Granted you wouldn't be doing this if the weather wasn't shitty and your ride was just fine. So I opt to throw on a different shirt and walk down to the bar a few blocks away.

I start walking, still snowing like a motherfucker. The tracks my truck had made in the snow 'bout 20 minutes ago pulling in were covered like I had never pulled in.

Midnight: I'm drunk. PBR and whiskey warming up me up with a quickness.

1:30 a.m.: Bar closes and we walk to a friend's place down the block. The Geo of a girl we know is stuck from the snow that has fallen and what the plow has pushed up. Somehow with the right amount of yelling and questioning manhood, I make a handful of guys who are fighting push the girl's car outta the snow. Truly a John Wayne moment for me. Have a couple of vodka shots right after to warm up and decide to walk home.

Imagine Luke stumbling around in the snow at the start of "Empire" mumbling about Ben Kenobi. Now imagine Luke was stone drunk and giggling the whole time. That was me.

The next day: You know what really kills a hangover? Shoveling you car out of the snow, along with 3 other people who live in the building. Me out there, taking care of me and my neighbor, and people walking out saying, "Hey can you get mine out too?" Couldn't really tell 'em no. Be kind of a dick move to do that, and I didn't have to go to work that day so plenty of free time to shovel away.

Snow looks really nice when it's falling, and fresh, untouched snow is something kickass to see before it turns into a slushy mess, but damn if that shit ain't a pain in the ass to deal with.

Watching some movies!

Had a free weekend for once, so I opted to check out a couple of flicks.

Rented "Clue" cause I hadn't seen it in a loooong time. Still funny as all get out. That one is one of those timeless flicks like "The Jerk" that even though is kind of old still remains funny. The end with Tim Curry running around the mansion like a jackass to explain the crime? Best part of the flick.

And finally got to check out "Serenity", the film that picks up where the show "Firefly" left off. Allowing myself to watch it now that I've watched all the episodes. This one I really dug, as I knew I would.

What I really dug was finally seeing the big bad Reavers in the flesh. In the show you only saw the ships that they flew in when they were chasing someone, the stories that people would tell about how sick and twisted they were, and the one episode where the normal guy went nutty and tried to make himself into a Reaver. They kinda looked like Insane Clown Posse fans so yeah, they were plenty fucking scary. And I felt my eyes tear up when a couple of the main characters got killed off. But that's what the movie versions of stuff like that are for. Hell, take a look at the "Star Trek" movies. They were either killing someone off or blowing up or fucking up an Enterprise with each flick.

While I was watching "Serenity", I was thinking about the original show. How people really seemed to dig it, critics thought it was good, but it was canned pretty quick. Same thing for "Arrested Development", but it barely managed to last 3 seasons, a little longer.

Makes you wonder why shows like that were fucked as soon as they hit the air, but that damn Charlie Sheen sitcom keeps going.

Watching "Se

Saturday, December 02, 2006

And another thing...........

While I was on the topic of that fucked up job, another story of, "what the fuck?"

One of the things that the company wanted us to do, no required us to do, was when someone opened a new account at the video store was to give the new member a tour of
the store, showing them what was what and the deals that we have in the store.

That's right, I was supposed to walk you through the store like it was the damn museum of natural history.

Ok, I don't know about you, but this tells me a couple of things about the setup. The store doesn't put the movies in specific sections like drama or comedy. It has a new release wall, nearly new, and 2 for 1 among the sections, everything mixed in together. This tells me that setup may be too confusing to someone looking for something, so we have to show you around the store.

Another thing? How insulting is it that you have to be shown around a friggin video store? "You aren't bright enough to see signs telling you how much things are and where things are. Here, let me show you!" Bear in mind that most people, when they come into a new store they scope out the whole place as soon as they get in there! They've already seen all the shit! They don't need some asshole to show them around a second time.

Like I said in the last post, in retrospect, I'm happy to be outta there. Time to look forward now.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Back to square one

Before I kick in on this burning missive, if you get your hands on a DVD copy of "Clerks II", check out the MySpace credits at the very end (be quick with the pause button)cause my name is in there (along with a few thousand other people). That little bit made me giddy today.

Ok, on with the post.

The post graduation job that I had lined up and had even started at part time?

Yeah, that didn't work out.

It's kind of a long story. Needless to say that there was a fair amount of backstabbing done to me to make me look pretty much like the Antichrist to the higher ups in the company without my knowledge and to my shock and dismay. I thought things had been going pretty good! Shows how much I knew about what was going down.

When I found out about this, my mind was made up pretty quick to cut and run. Did I really want to move to a shithole little town and work with some people that pretty much had it out for me? Hell, what would you do? I told the higher up that was my decision to leave the company, thanked her for the opportunity, and got the fuck outta there with a quickness.

Truth be told I did like the job, but the big reason to take the gig was to have some employment as soon as I got outta school, and not scramble for a job once I passed the stage come graduation day. But in the back of my mind, there was a weird feeling I was getting, "Spider Sense" for lack of a better term telling me this was a really bad idea. It was telling me, "Don't do this, don't take the job. Anything but this." And like the thick headed jackass that I am I chose to ignore that, just happy that I had that all important post-graduation job.

So what now? I had put down a deposit on an apartment earlier this week in the shithole town. I talked to the landlord today and I'll get some of it back, but not all. I had anticipated that. The plan goes back to where I was pre-job. Couch surf at one of my parents houses till I find a job. Simple as that.

On the upside, I'm glad to have a little down time after graduation to chill a little bit. And I'm glad to not be working for a company that really had me saying, "What the fuck?" to how they operated the company. Best way to say it is that they were operating a large company with policies and rules that were more suited to running a a little mom and pop kind of place, not a company that rakes in millions a year. Really fucking weird. I don't feel like going into all of it at the moment, well a little.

The position was to be management for a video rental chain (not Blockbuster or Hollywood Video, I'm not gonna name the name). One of the rules they had on the book was that on the weekends all employees were to be dressed in business professional gear. A tie and all that good shit. That one struck me as really fucking weird. I mean let's face it. I'm working in a store where you can rent Playstation games and porno among other things. Me being all decked out while I'm letting a guy rent "Ass To Mouth #4" borders on overkill. I'm not selling high end electronics or cars or handing out bank loans. I'm renting fucking movies to people. You really think that guy whose gonna be jerking off to the movie I just rented to him is thinking, "Wow, that guy was dressed really sharp!"? No! He's thinking, "I wanna jerk off to porn."
That was just the tip of the iceberg.

No need to dwell on a fucked up store in a little shithole town that treated me like a jackass. Time to look forward and get this college thing done and over with.