Thursday, October 04, 2007

Final Request

It's unfortunate to me that over the span of the year death and loss has been a theme that keeps coming up. I started the summer off with the death of my grandfather, and ended the summer with the loss of Greg.

Starting off this post on a happy note, huh?

It got me thinking of how I want it to be when I go. Greg said he wanted all the ladies in red dresses at his funeral, and the man got what he wanted. With this post I hope my luck holds out the same.

So here we go. This is the final request for yours truly.

First off, to help cover the cost of everything, I want some corporate sponsorship. Put the corporate logos on the side of the casket. The first words out of the mouth of the preacher should go something to the effect of, "We're here to remember the life of Rusty, brought to you by Pabst, Little Debbie snack cakes, and Castrol Motor Oil." A little tacky to have a casket tricked out looking like a Nascar true, but funerals cost a pretty penny. No need for people to drop that kinda cash on me if they don't have to.

Second, and I'm standing firm on this one.........NO OPEN CASKET!!!!!!!!
I've never thought people look natural laid out in a casket in the first place. Besides, that body in there? That isn't me. Not anymore. Just an empty shell. Besides I'm not the best looking person around, and who'd wanna look at an ugly corpse?

Instead, pics of me around the casket would be good. But for the sake of my family, no pics of me all drunk and shit. This may be difficult seeing as how I haven't been sober in front of a camera since the age of 19 (except for Jeremy and Shannon's official wedding pics). Hmmmmmmmm...........May wanna rethink that one, or try not being drunk in front of a camera for once.

Next, I want my IPod hooked to the speakers during the visitation and put on shuffle. That way you have to suffer through my oddball taste in music one last time.

During the funeral, I want the song "My Way" by Sinatra played. A good song to make the final bow in life to.

After all that is said and done, find a way to pull out the cash in my bank account and treat yourselves to a keg of Pabst or a round of drinks at the bar. Consider it a last gift to all those who knew me and put up with my antics over the years. I at least owe you all that much.

Finally, don't cry. Hell, if anything envy me!!! I'll be hanging out with some pretty hip folks! My grandfathers, most of the Ramones, The Three Stooges, the Rat Pack, Johnny Cash, Greg, and Bill Hicks! You can pity them cause I'll be pestering the bejezzus out of them for all eternity.

Don't misunderstand me here, I intend on being around here for a pretty long time. Just when my times comes I want there to be no doubt on how I want it all to go down.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A story about Greg Beck

I shared this story about Greg last night with friends at the Record Bar. I thought I'd share it with the rest of you.

A couple years ago in a college audio production class we were given the assignment to do a mock radio interview with "someone who had a story to tell". The first person I thought of was Greg.

I called him and asked if it would be cool to do it and he said yeah. We set up a day to meet at the Hurricane to do it. The day came and I rolled up there with a mic and a mini disc recorder. After we had a drink (PBR for me, Beam and Coke for him), we got to work. I'd ask Greg questions and let him roll with it, telling stories about things that had went down at the Lone Star and Blayney's. He told of how he became a bouncer, run-ins that he had, and the story about getting stabbed in the face so hardcore that it made his eye come clean out of his socket (doctors were able to save the eye, in case you didn't know). We got done recording, had another drink and I headed out to do some editing to the piece.

I turned it into my professor of the class and he was floored by stories that Greg had told. "Damn," he said, "we need to make a documentary about this guy!" I told Greg that the next time I saw him and he just smiled real big. Needless to say, the interview project got all points possible and a professor that couldn't stop talking about my buddy "Death".

The professor told me to enter the interview in a state wide competition for college students with audio projects. The award ceremony came along and lo and behold my interview with Greg won first place and I got a plaque and 50 bucks for my trouble. After the ceremony I called Greg to tell him we won.

"Cool," he said "Where's my cut?"

In the semesters that passed, the professor would play my interview with Greg for other classes. I'd have friends of mine stop me in the hallway after hearing it in class and ask me about Greg. He had become something of a legend in the Communications department.

The professor has moved on to another teaching position in California where I know that he is playing that interview for his students there.

This story is cool to me for a couple of reasons. First that college kids in Missouri and in California are going to listen to him and be immortalized without ever knowing him or having read his "Death's Door" blog. I did have Greg plug the blog on the interview. I hope those kids go to it and read more. They need to.

Second, that I have a copy of the interview here at home. I don't have the balls to listen to it right now. I know that if I did that I would lose it all over again. But to have this memento of him means more to me than anyone will ever know.

All because he agreed to help me out with a simple school project.

God bless Greg Beck.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Remembering Greg Beck

I just got home from an impromptu meet-up at the Record Bar of some of the friends of Greg Beck. Many tears were shed at the sudden loss of someone close to us, and many laughs were shared as we thought back to all the good times that we shared with him.

It's so hard to believe that he is no longer with us. To me, Greg was like a second father. Sometimes I used to introduce him to people as that. Always there with the right things to say, direction when I needed it in life. When it came down to it, he was the only person that I knew on the face of the Earth that could keep me in line. Greg told me to do it, I did it without question. Greg was always on the level when I wasn't, therefore I trusted him more than I trusted members of my family.

I looked at the comments that were left on his blog and over at Tony's Kansas City. The amount of lives that he touched here in Kansas City? Just a mere fraction. The stuff that he wrote on his blog touched many people all over the country, if not the world. Reading all the kind things that people have said about him, most of whom had never met him in person makes me feel proud to have been his friend.

Greg was like Paul Bunyan, John Henry, and Superman put into one mountain of a man. I'll miss his friendship, guidance, his blogging, and every single little fucking thing about him that made him to me a living legend.

I'm wanna close this with his "About Me" section from his My Space page. If I can do only a few things that he has done with his life like he mentioned, then I will consider it a life well spent.

I was a bar/club bouncer for 20 yrs and I also ran a liquor store and a rock music store back in the day. I’ve had a vast array of experiences from the pleasure of eating breakfast with Muddy Waters to being rousted by Henny Youngman’s bodyguards.

I’ve been stabbed & shot at, and for shit & grins I’m an ordained minister cause my friends asked me to be. For the last 17 year’s I’ve been gainfully employed by the MAN. My friends tell me that I’m a very blunt and honest person. If I had to describe my biggest weakness, it would be that I tend to be too honest for my own good??

My closest friend is a bonified hot chick 17 years my junior, and I love her to bits. I love rock, Jim Beam, breasts, cats, metal, blues, my website, Death’s Door, the view from the Spanish announcer’s table bars, my computer, my mother and sister, loud music, crunchy guitars, and a drummer with a groove.

I miss big hair, spandex, strippers, crackin off a needle early in the morning and driving downhill with no brakes. I smoke too much, drink too much, fall in love too much. Never been married. I’m smarter then I look and my cat’s been gone for 8 years and I still miss his stupid ass. And I thank God every day that I’m not dead yet.

Rest in peace, Greg. You have more than earned it.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Dated TV

Last night I was watching an old episode of "Twilight Zone" about an old man with strange powers who befriends a lonely girl. Come to find out he's a fugitive on the run, ans the little girl starts to ask questions about why he's on the run.........

"Did you kill someone?"


"Did you rob a bank?"

(here's what cracked me up)

"Are you a......COMMUNIST?"

I assume that if this was made today communist would have been replaced with terrorist.

Still funny, that back in the day, being a member of the communist party seems like a bigger crime than murder. Maybe it's just me. Not that I'm advocating communism mind you

Monday, August 06, 2007

Who didn't see this coming?

I've been watching "Rock Of Love" because as far as human train wrecks go, it's the top of the heap. Watching girls compete for the affections of Bret Michaels? Classic. It's one of those shows where you watch and scream and laugh at how dippy these girls can be, but you mutter under your breath, "I'd go there" at certain girls. I gotta admit I think the tattooed up girl Sam is hella cute and it looks like she may have a little bit of a brain in her head.

Browsing this weekend, I find out that one of the girls from the show has already done some porn work post show! The one that goes by Brandi C. The REALLY dizzy blonde is going by the name Brittany and has already popped up on one porno site, with rumors floating around that a couple more feature her.

Yeah, I'll admit it. I looked at it. Nothing special to see folks. She already looked like a porn star in the first place. Bleached blonde hair, fake tits, a tattoo that I suspect hides a Caeserian scar. Seen one you've seen 'em all, so I'll not bother with a link.

I do think it's pretty funny though. With most of the celebrity/wannabe celebrity types, they have to hit rock fucking bottom before they decide to go the showing skin or porno route. Not this girl! She jumped right into it! The show isn't even off the air yet!

But in the new episode last night, she was one of the girls eliminated, cause Bret said that he was afraid that he would only have a sexual relationship with her, and not much else. After seeing her in a girl/girl/guy porno, I have to say, "Ummmmm.....Yeah".

Monday, July 30, 2007


Satyavati had a good call in her comment about writing something like a screenplay to try and detail some of the happenings in my life that I consider stranger than fiction.

Not a bad idea at all.

I remember in college when I was doing some writing in class. One of my mentors told me to basically get my character up a tree and then start throwing things at him. Meaning get your character in a situation and keep making it more difficult for you character to get out of. Hmmmmm..........Sounds like my life off and on this whole year.

What did I do in those situations? Where I was up the tree and things being thrown at me? I just said fuck it and jumped out. Either hoping that I would land like a cat on my feet or I would be caught by someone. Both would happen, lucky me.

When I'm thinking about writing something, the first thought that I have, much like the "up a tree" scenario is thinking of some of the stuff I've been through, and make it about a 100 times worse or more pathetic. Make it something a little more dramatic from a basic spark from the real world. And also, if I write something truly pulled from real life, and on the off chance it gets published, some folks might get pissed!

I already have first "chapter" in my head. The rest of it? Still coming to me.

Sunday, July 29, 2007


Was thinking about the tantrum kid from my last post. I assure that later the mom did take the kid outside to punish him. Didn't see what went down, but the kid was all sorts of in line when the mom came back in.

It makes me think of a conversation that I think we have all had with friends over drinks. A conversation about how our parents would discipline us as kids.

We all talk about how hardcore our parents would spank us with the belt or whatever or whatever kind of mind tricks that our parents would play on us that we all think nowadays would be considered abuse by the powers that be.

What's crazy about when we talk about this? We wear it like a badge of honor sometimes. When we talk about the whippings we would get sometimes there's a little spark of pride in our voices. The spankings were almost like getting a purple heart in the world of growing up. We took the licks, survived, and are better for it.

At least that's what I think.

Friday, July 27, 2007


End of last week I saw something that I can truly say I had never seen.

It was the cliche little kid tantrum.

I was at work and a mother was in with a little boy not more than 3 years old who didn't wanna be with her, was in a foul mood, whatever. The youngster was starting to whine and moan as he held his mother's hand as they walked. All of a sudden he went limp, fell to the ground while still holding mommy's hand and started to cry and whine while pounding the ground with the free hand and stomping the ground with his feet.

I watched and I realized that I had never really seen what is considered to be the typical tantrum like that! I had seen them plenty on TV, on sitcoms, cartoons, and when I would flip by one of those "nanny" reality shows. This was a first for me.

I stood and watched and had a couple thoughts running through my head. The first was the amazement at seeing this for the first time. The second was, "I wanna slap the taste outta that kids mouth!"

Monday, July 23, 2007

From the void

The last time I posted on here was April 20th......

Holy fucking shit!!!!!!!! April 20th?!?!?!?

Where the hell have I been? I'm not sure to tell you the truth.

Here's a recap of the last couple of months just off the top of my head.

I recently switched jobs. I blame the stress and sucking out of my immortal soul that the job did for my lack of wanting to post here. Just coming home from a horrible day of work, all you want to do is sit and be quiet, not talk to people because people pissed you off so much during the day that your last nerve is long gone and you know you'll snap at close friends. So far all is good with the new job.

My grandfather dying when work bullshit was reaching a critical mass and my sanity was in question. That went down.

Being the best man in my one of my best friends weddings. Truly a highlight.

Romantic entanglements that could only happen to me. Remember the story of the crazy girl earlier this year? Yeah, we see more drama, but not from her thankfully. I hit a soap opera status that any writer of soaps or romantic films would laugh off as being too out there for fiction. Little do they know.........

And last but not least, weighing the options of returning to college back in the sleepy little college town for graduate studies. Something that I had on my mind while I was in school, was more prominent my last semester, and now the thought won't go away as I weigh more pros and cons as the days go by.

And as always, spending free time with the movie, music, and book collection trying to expand my mind.

More later.

Friday, April 20, 2007

From the man himself

In my post about VT, I wrote about those who are in school right now who may write about twisted and evil stuff, but may be just fine, unlike Cho. Thinking about the guys and gals who want to be the next Clive Barker or Stephen King.

I just found this over at Entertainment, from Stephen King himself, talking about the exact same thing. I thought I share it.

I've thought about it, of course. Certainly in this sensitized day and age, my own college writing — including a short story called ''Cain Rose Up'' and the novel RAGE — would have raised red flags, and I'm certain someone would have tabbed me as mentally ill because of them, even though I interacted in class, never took pictures of girls' legs with my cell phone (in 1970, WHAT cell phones?), and never signed my work with a ?.

As a teacher, I had one student — I will call him George — who raised red flags galore in my own mind: stories about flaying women alive, dismemberment, and, the capper, ''getting back at THEM.'' George was very quiet, and verbally inarticulate. It was only in his written work that he spewed these relentless scenes of gore and torture. His job was in the University Bookstore, and when I inquired about him once, I was told he was a good worker, but ''quiet.'' I thought, ''Whoa, if some kid is ever gonna blow, it'll be this one.'' He never did. But that was in the days before a gun-totin' serial killer could get top billing on the Nightly News and possibly the covers of national magazines.

For most creative people, the imagination serves as an excretory channel for violence: We visualize what we will never actually do (James Patterson, for instance, a nice man who has all too often worked the street that my old friend George used to work). Cho doesn't strike me as in the least creative, however. Dude was crazy. Dude was, in the memorable phrasing of Nikki Giovanni, ''just mean.'' Essentially there's no story here, except for a paranoid a--hole who went DEFCON-1. He may have been inspired by Columbine, but only because he was too dim to think up such a scenario on his own.

On the whole, I don't think you can pick these guys out based on their work, unless you look for violence unenlivened by any real talent.

The "Look" or, "You want to see WHAT???"

Today I picked up my ticket to see Social Distortion in KC next month. Easily one of my favorite bands, this will be I think the sixth time seeing them. I'm so excited it feels like seeing them for the first time again. Any of you guys going to the show gimme a shout, we'll have a beer or something post-show, and shoot the shit and complain that they didn't play a song we wanted to hear live. Can never be too happy. Just kidding. Every time seeing them has been awesome and worth the price of admission.

But this isn't a "Rusty loves Social D so much it's pathetic, he needs to get a life" post. This about the ticket buying experience.

Usually when I want to get tickets, I'll hit the local Macy's to get hooked up. I've done this since I was about 16 seeing as how it was one of the closest places to do it. And most of my close friends will tell you that my musical tastes are all over the map. I'm the kind of guy who can go from listening to Sinatra to N.W.A at the drop of a hat. Putting my iPod on shuffle is an experiment in fear when it will jump from Louie Prima to Motorhead to Marvin Gaye, but I would have it any other way. Hence, the ticket buying can be just as diverse.

When you get to the service desk at the local Macy's to get tickets, it's usually manned by some sweet older lady that you could swear does quilting with your grandmother. Here's where it gets funny. When you roll up to the counter, and polite as you can be, ask for a ticket for a show for a band with and odd or aggressive name. The facial contortions that the sweet old lady makes.......Hard to describe, but I'll try my best.

The first look is them trying to wrap their head around the name when you say someone like Reverend Horton Heat, a little confused and maybe a little amused. The next look is one of anger or disgust if the name is something that is aggressive cause it's immediately assumed you're one of "those people" who is "evil". The next look is that of surrender. The "fine, whatever" look. You all know that face cause we all make it when we pay bills. Cash exchanges hands, tickets are sold, and the sweet old lady waits for the next person to walk up with a jacked up band name to confuse her and make her wish she could just live off her Social Security check and not have to work this job.

Now do this like I usually do, and do it when you're on a break from work and you're dressed pretty nice and unassuming, the look of a former Student Council member. She's smiling all big for you as you walk up to the counter, a gentle demeanor, a warm smile on your face. "Excuse ma'am, I'd like a ticket for Social Distortion." Cue the look aaaaaannnnnnd......NOW!!!

The only reason that this still trips me out is cause I see so many teenagers still hanging out in malls, with the whole Insane Clown Posse shirt, uber baggy pants, and face full of metal studs going on, and I know they buy tickets to all sorts of jacked up stuff. I figure by now that these youngsters have calloused the older women to the crazy band name thing by now, but I guess that's not the case.

At any rate I look at it this way, for the price of a ticket you get two shows, the one you're paying for, and the one you get to just get there. Both are different levels of entertaining. At any rate, see you at the show and good luck buying your ticket.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Thoughts on Virginia

I watched some of the coverage tonight about the killer at VT, his sending the pics and video to NBC before he killed the others. I watched some of the video that CNN showed of his angry ramblings. Pretty chilling to know that after he dropped that package in the mail he killed so many with no remorse.

Here's some thoughts I've had about this so far...........

People are asking if there was any way to prevent this from happening. Honestly I don't think so. True, he had a history of stalking, freaked out a teacher, went to a mental hospital, etc, etc......He was a bad apple, true. But I think from what you can see of him now and what we know, he was smart enough to not do anything else that would draw him to the attention of anyone else after his past problems. He opted to not try and get anymore help, kept to himself, and let everything build up inside until it was too late. I think he hit a point that he was beyond help.

What has me really thinking about this is the aftermath that is going to hit this country like a shitstorm. It's already happening.

The gun advocates are trying to say that if the other students were allowed to carry guns than this wouldn't have happened. Now I just have to say, WHAT THE FUCK?!?!? That's the worse excuse for anything that I've heard since, "The dog ate my homework.". When I heard that, I had a mental image of a horrible situation being even worse, with kids having some sort of gunfight on the campus, and the fatalities being much worse. Imagine some scared shitless kid squeezing off shots at anything that moves with Cho blasting away. Why do the gun lovers think that if a gunfight happens in real life, it's gonna look like an action movie? Not to mention who is gonna use this shooting for their own purposes in the next election?

My other thought is about the mass paranoia that I'm afraid is gonna happen on college campuses nationwide. Because of this, people looking at that oddball kid who sits in the back of the room with an unfounded sense of fear. Imagine the kid in English classes who aspires to be a horror writer, but is a decent kid. Now, because of the stories of Cho writing the disturbing stories for his classes, twitchy teachers are gonna start having a bias about someone who may write something that is deemed a little "off" or "dark and disturbing". Because of this sad person, creativity will take a back seat to fear and suspicion.

I hope that things like this don't happen, but I have a bad feeling that they will.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Post Easter thoughts

Over the time coming up to this past Easter, I had to some work/shopping in the local malls. While there, I saw something that has irked me little by little each spring.

That's the guy in the damn Easter Bunny outfit for the kids.

Yeah, I know it's sounds like I'm a massive dick, fuck the Easter Bunny and all that, but here's my thinking.

When Christmas time rolls around and they have the Santa at the mall, that's a cool thing. Especially when it's some old cat who has the big white beard, big grin, and all smiles and handing out candy canes for the kids as he asks the little kids if they've been good this year and what they want for Christmas. It's a pretty hip thing for little kids while they still believe in Santa cause they're interacting with a guy who looks and acts the part. And for most families it's a time honored tradition to take the kids to meet him and creates memories that last a lifetime.

Now we get to the Easter Bunny suit guy.

It's like the line from "Mallrats", "That's just some guy in a suit!" It's like the guys who dress up at Disneyland who dress up like Mickey and Goofy and shit. Like whoever is in that Slugger outfit at the Royals games. Put on the fuzzy suit and the headgear with the dippy grin.

Little kids can talk to the cat, sure. But talking back? It's just a muffled voice. The Easter Bunny isn't gonna ask if you've been good since last Easter to make sure you get some damn candy eggs. For that matter the whole bad/good thing NEVER comes up for Easter! You could have been a complete rat bastard all ear and you'd still get the candy! You never hear little kids saying to be good around March for fear of denial of candy!

Man, I don't know what to think of Easter anymore.

Just had to get that off my chest.

Friday, April 06, 2007

The "Grindhouse" review!!!!

Just got back from the theatre from the matinee showing of "Grindhouse".

Yeah baby, you need to go see this flick!!! It chews you up, and spits you out, but you jump back in it's mouth to do it all over again.

Before I get into this, lemme just say how weird it is to go to a matinee movie. Here I am in line to get my ticket, and I'm surrounded by parents and little kids all getting tickets for whatever kiddie flicks are showing right now. I assume the firefighting dog movie or the ninja turtles, and here I am getting a mid-day ticket for the least family friendly movie in decades! Makes you wonder who is next to you in lines, huh? Think about that next time you're at the theatre or in line at Burger King.

But I digress..........Back to talking about MOTHERFUCKING GRINDHOUSE!!!!!!!

First off the general look of the flick draws you in. Intentionally made to look old , it's grainy, goofed focus sometimes, missing scenes, washed out colors. It reminded me of watching an old print of a flick at a midnight movie with the Chucky Lou A/V Club like "Destroy All Monsters". The look helps pull you into the flick.


The movie kicks in with a fake trailer for a flick called "Machete" with Danny "uber badass" Trejo that looks like a 70's exploitation flick. There's a rumor about a Machete flick that'll be made if the reaction is good. I pray it is, a full length Machete would be too fucking sweet. Then it's onto the Rodriguez flick "Planet Terror", about a gas weapon that's released creating zombies (really fucked up looking ones). So Rose McGowan gets a machine gun grenade launching leg to replace the one ripped off by zombies, and whoops up on some zombie asses. This was great!!! It was gruesome, intense, and funny! Keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time.

Next some more fake trailers. Gotta love the one that Rob Zombie made "Werewolf Women Of The SS", and the one made by Eli Roth (guy behind "Cabin Fever" and "Hostel"), "Thanksgiving". A goofy gory rip off of "Halloween". Now it's time for "Death Proof" by Tarantino.

This one was great, but not as great as "Planet Terror". This one's about Stuntman Mike, played by Kurt Russell, who uses his hot rod cars to kill women he is has an obsession with, until some of the girls decide to get even. Big reason that this one wasn't as good as "Planet Terror" was the pacing. You have a couple of scenes of dialogue that pull away from the main story. Think of Bill's rambling speech in "Kill Bill II", and that's what you have. There was some plot points that were addressed in them, but they were scenes that could have been chopped down a little bit. I think if they were chopped down slightly, the pace of it would have been better, cause at times it felt like you were in a car that would zoom up to 60, then slam on the brakes and go about 15, then ZOOM, right back to 60. A little jarring. And the character development was a little much. It was like Jackson's "King Kong" in that respect where some characters who were not pivotal to the plot got assloads of character background and development on the screen, only to be killed off without hesitation like a red shirt from "Star Trek". Had a little of that going on.

Be prepared to sit folks, and make sure you take a whizz before going in cause the damn thing is about 3 hours long. BUT you're seeing two flicks for the price of one, and yes a couple of the characters appear in both films. There are plot holes yes, but fuck it, that's the fun of this damn movie! It's supposed to be over the top action and gore and intense thrills! You know what you're getting as soon as the lights go down in the house, and this film makes no apologies for the intensity.

Am I going back to see it? Hell yes!!! Am I gonna buy the DVD? You bet your life? I heard that there was stuff that they had to cut out of it so it could BARELY get the R rating it has! What's waiting on the DVD is gonna be pure gold!

(that and I can pause to pee and fast forward through some of that Tarantino dialogue.)

Couple other things of note:

-Check out the Bruce Willis cameo in "PT", and Sayid from "Lost" being a complete dick who like to cut off people's balls. Funny!

-An implied lesbian affair between Marley Shelton and Fergie from the Black Eyes Peas? Hmmmmmm........

-The cameos from Tarantino and Eli Roth all through the flick.

-How many Dodge Chargers do they have to fuck up for movies or TV shows? I want one and I by the time I get the cash to get one they'll all be gone cause they were smashed up in Hollywood!! DAMN IT!!!!!

Go have some fun and check it out sometime this weekend.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Counting down the hours

Ok folks, if this image (cover of the newest Rolling Stone) doesn't want to make you seen "Grindhouse"................

You need to have your head examined!!!!

(Or you're gay. That's not an insult, you're just not into chicks, that's all.)

I'm just glad I gots tomorrow off. "Grindhouse" matinee? HELL YEA!!!!

Next post...........A review and then I stop beating this dead horse.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Anyone excited???

So right now, I am so FUCKING PUMPED to see "Grindhouse" that anytime the ad comes on TV, I get a hard-on. Not just cause I'm seeing shots of Rose McGowan and Rosario Dawson who are so stinking hot that just the thought of one of them makes me melt. Then I think of the two of them, me, a Barry White CD, a case of Pabst, and a hot tub........But I digress.

You're getting two of my favorite directors together, Tarantino and Rodriguez, with their own stories for two hours of complete awesome. Tell me that don't put a little spring in your step!

To pump myself up a little more, gonna try and watch one of their movies every night this week. Tonight it's Reservoir Dogs on the TV right now. Haven't watched it in a little while so it's a little bit of a treat.

Tomorrow night? From Dusk Till Dawn.

Anatomy of a breakdown

End of last week I was trucking down I-35 to do some work in Lenexa. I casually look in the rearview mirror and see that the car behind me has their wipers on. Odd, I thought seeing as how it was a nice day, blue sky, no rain to speak of. Just then I see a plume of smoke in the mirror. It occurs to me why this person has the wipers on, I'm losing a vital fluid and something is burning. Lucky for me work was very close. I decided to at least get the truck to work and not risk stopping on the highway.

I hit the exit for work, and as soon as I press on the gas it's my worst fear, the transmission. Keep onto work, only a couple blocks away. I pull into the parking lot at work and look under the truck and watch it bleed out. Not a pretty sight watching the fluid hit the concrete. I call my brother-in-law who is also my mechanic. I tell him what's up and he tells me to try and get it to my place after work, putting as much tranny fluid in it as it can hold and if I have to stop along the way to add more.

The end of the work day comes and a buddy of mine shows up at my work to take me to the auto shop to pick up fluid and follow me back in case the truck won't make it. We add the fluid and watch as it starts pouring out under the truck. Time to haul ass back home, from Lenexa to Gladstone. One hell of a ride. We opt to take a route that will have less stops and traffic congestion. I watch in the rearview as my friend follows me and it's a replay of the drive to work as I see his wipers removing the fluid from his windshield.

One stop to add more fluid on a slowgoing drive home that only got me up to 55 if I was lucky. The truck managed to get home, once again the last bit of the fluid leaking out.

I did manage to get a loaner car from the family, a blazer that I dig driving, but sucks up gas something fierce. I miss my truck.

Monday, March 26, 2007

I didn't sing "Mandy"!

Twice last week I found myself in bars with a karaoke night. In the past the karaoke thing was not my thing, but last year while in college I worked for a little bit in a bar that karaoke was the end all and be all Thursday nights. After a few dozen PBR's, I would belt out the greatest hits of the Ramones and Johnny Cash to the drunken masses. It was fun, hot damn!!!

So the last couple times in those bars, with a little bit of liquid courage in my belly, it was time for me to belt out a few choice numbers. Time to review the songs I deemed worthy of performing both nights.

-"Folsom Prison Blues": Not to shabby if I do say so myself.

-The theme from "Fat Albert": Something I'd wanted to do since I had seen a deleted scene from "Dogma" where Silent Bob rocked it out. I can die happy now.

"Rebel Yell": Ok folks, this was the crowning moment. I took that mic stand in hand like the man Billy Idol himself. I raised the fist and pumped it for the "MORE MORE MORE!!!" My rock scream would make Vince Neil throw all his hottest groupies at me, leaving him all the the sloppy trailer trash teeth gone to meth ages ago. I had that fucking crowd in the palm of my hand!!!!!!

"My Humps/I Will Survive": This was a little odd. I had female back-up singers and "My Humps" was fucked up on the CD. Improptu, "I Will..." came up. Fuck it, run with it!!

"Hunger Strike": Roped in by a buddy, I can hit it high notes like Chris Cornell. What the hell, and 'A' for effort.

"Bodies": Me and a couple other guys doing that goofy Drowning Pool song. Hey, I have a good Nu-Metal/Cookie Monster growl!! Come get some, Fred Durst! HAH!!!

Will the phenom rock a mic again? Only Pabst Blue Ribbon knows for sure.

Friday, March 16, 2007

St. Patty's PSA

(This is something my buddy Travis wrote. Thinking that it's awesome, pretty smart, and St. Patty's tomorrow, I thought I'd help pass it along.)

Don't hurt me or anything drastic like that.

This is a plea from the down trodden of the SI (Service Industry) that St. Paddy's not take place this year.

As a proud friend and supporter of this put upon group here is the request:

If you...

1) Wear a baseball cap in any way sideways do not go out.
2) Belong to a frat or sorority (or EVER belonged to one) don't go out.
3) Plan on getting totally hammered and making an ass of yourself, don't come out.
4) Are a recovering ANYTHING, don't come out (including alcoholism, sexual addiction, necrophilia, priapism, drug addiction, sheep molesting, goat molesting or anything else - this list is not inclusive if you question it get the idea.)
5) Think that Chumbawumba's Tub Thumping was a great song, don't come out.
6) Believe that you are prettier than everyone else (male or female) don't come out.
7) Think that "WOO!!!" is the proper response to anything, don't come out.
8) Are in the mood to taunt bartenders or waitresses with lewd comments about tipping, don't come out.
9) Believe you are a leprechaun, or that the Irish really give a rat's ass about your 1/10000 bloodline back to the Emerald Isle, don't come out.

And finally...

10) You really think St Paddy's is the best night of the year to go drinking, SERIOUSLY, don't go out.

People who do not fall into the above categories are not exempted. It just means I got tired of writing.

To all my bartender, bar-back and waitron friends...I love you and I'm here for you.

May the gods have mercy on those poor bastards you are destined to pour booze into this weekend.

You are in my prayers.

Catching Up

Got so wrapped up in the epic saga that was MYG that I've failed to talk about anything else this week.

Angelina Jolie decided to adopt another kid? Shit, what's she doing? Making her own Benneton ad or massing an army for world domination? First act of the Jolie World Order? A cable channel that shows the Tomb Raider movies 24/7!

Watched a "Twilight Zone" last night with Claude Akins in it. No one seems to talk about "Sheriff Lobo" anymore. Come on folks! It was the spin-off of "BJ And The Bear", a trucker and his monkey!

Bought a couple things earlier this week I thought I'd never buy. But what the hey, change is good.

First was a pair of flip-flops. I told myself I'd never get a pair cause, well let's face it, guys have some ugly assed feet, and shouldn't be seen on a regular basis. The other reason was that after spending the last few years in a college town the only guys I saw wearing the things were frat boy assholes. That and having something between my toes drives me nuts. My sock gets between my toes it drives me crazy.

But I decided that I wasn't gonna spend another summer wearing shoes and socks all over. Time for a change. I hit the shoe store and tried on a couple different pairs. I settled on a pair that were pretty comfortable pair, and the piece between my toes really didn't seem to bug me. I goofed around the rest of the day wearing them around. Took a little getting used to walking around in them, but I gotta admit that I dig the things!

The other thing I got? This is a biggie folks, some Rogaine.

Yeah, I got Rogaine. My bald brothers are gonna be really pissed with me.

I'd thought about getting some for a while, if anything to take care of the spot on the back of my head. If the shit can at least make the hair less thin, than that's cool. I don't expect to have a full head of hair after using the stuff, hell may not even work! But why not give it a try?

I don't mind not having a whole lot of hair, but looking at the same amount of hair on the top of my head starts to get old. Like I said, if the stuff works then great, if not, oh well it was only 20 bucks for the stuff. Only downside is you have to keep using it. You stop and the loss comes back. Little bit of a downfall.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Anatomy Of: Final Chapter- Reflection

In the final move to end this once and for all, I decided to remove any comment that the girl left on my page. It hit me that there's enough people that read this who know my profile page and would see her. Might be a loopy girl, but I should have enough respect to keep her anonymous. And on top of that I blocked her from contacting me on MySpace. To keep an open line for her to contact me is to flirt with disaster. It's easy with a person with that much drama in a life to suck in others before they know it. I got about ankle deep in it, and that's all I want. Granted she may still have the digits, but it's smart to cut off what ties I can.

Time to reflect on the whole deal. Been single for a while now, and since the start of this year, I'd like to meet someone. But I have some smarts about it, hence the events in the last paragraph, but still kicking myself a little for the events of the weekend. I REALLY should have said thanks but no thanks when she dropped the BF bomb. But I was curious about this girl, who knows, she may have had a friend she wanted me to meet, that was an option.

Now it's time to break down the simplicity of what I'm looking for. Let's take the example of the MYG (MySpace Girl), but let's make her single for the example.

To me, MYG was attractive to me, in the profile pic, and in person. Hate to sound like an ass, but that's one thing I need. Has to be visually appealing to me and everyone, even though they may deny it, wants that. My level of attraction there can vary. I've looked at girls wand had my friends think she had a horse face, and of course the ones who I looked at that were generally accepted as good looking. MYG had the visual appeal down. Very easy on the eyes.

NOW, let's hit what MYG DIDN"T have after I found out what I did. The mentality/moral/ethics (we'll lump them into one). To me, a girl can be all sorts of hot, but upstairs if she's superficial, stupid, crazy, slutty, etc, then that screws the deal and it's see ya later. This seems like common sense to me. Why would you wanna be with a person that does not work with you on that level? I've been shot down because of this before, and I've seen people who have been with others because of the physical attraction and nothing more. And Lord help me, when I was younger I had done it before! But I had enough common sense to kill it before it it went too far. At least I was smart enough to do that.

So let's take our example of MYG if she was single. Yeah, to me the physical was there, but when I would have found out how much of a nutbar she truly was, than I would have cut ties with her in the nicest way possible. Probably no easy or nice way to do have done it, but it would happen.

It's been just about a week since this whole torrid(?) affair went down, and this is a good way to close this trilogy of insanity. I gain a little more clarity as to what I look for, affirm what I know inside.

(and thank the stars that NOTHING happened with this girl! In the words of a friend of mine about this whole deal, "You came out of this looking like a rockstar!" Better a rockstar than having dookie on my chest and getting sores on the privates.)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Anatomy of "What The Hell?" Part Two: Rusty Dodges a Bullet

The cute crazy ones just loooooove me!

Ladies and gents we have an update!!!!

A doozy!!!!!

From what Greg likes to call an "inside source" (I have 'em too!), I got a call from a source dropping some info on the MySpace girl.

Where to start? Well, the boyfriend she has? Lives with 'em! Ballsy girl, to be hitting on a fella under the same roof she shares with another guy.

Here's another bomb! I knew she had four kids (nothing wrong about that) from FOUR DIFFERENT DADDIES (ok, something really wrong there!) The source told me that she divorced her husband, and wound up hooking up with the current boyfriend, which is the father of her first kid, who gave up rights to him back in the day, and has no idea that he's his father! And allegedly the relationship for her right now is more or less a sugar daddy affair to have a roof over her head (hence looking me up on-line?) "Young And The Restless", eat your heart out!

Time for another one! Heard this one from a girl who went out with her one night. As they were driving home from the bar one night, she was piss drunk (set-up for a joke with that), bragging about how she had given her then boyfriend a golden shower and a Cleveland Steamer!

Let me repeat that........She gave the guy a GOLDEN SHOWER AND A CLEVELAND FUCKING STEAMER!!!! I'm sure you know what those are, if not ask your sleazier friends. Upon hearing that, I was grateful that nothing happened cause I don't have rubber sheets on the bed. Man, this is the girl of Larry Flynt's dreams! Not so much me. Pee and poo? Those belong in a toilet, sample jars in a hospital, or the strong throwing arm of a chimp, not in fornication. Hot and heavy? Cool! Hot and heavy and dooky?

(not to mention while she was bragging about this, she was so drunk that she wound up pissing herself. What can I say, the girl loves the gold flow.)

Time for the last bombshell that was dropped on me. Miss MySpace has the gift that keeps on giving! That's right folks, Herpes!!!

Hearing all that I got the mental image of me waking up next to this girl, picking peanuts and corn off my chest, with cold sores like the guys from Spinal Tap. For whatever reason things didn't happen (as mentioned in the last post) between us, I don't care now! Whew!

Ok folks, time to start a betting pool here. What will the next girl that shows an interest in me do?

Will she?

-Cut out my heart for a satanic ritual?
-Cut my face off and wear it as a mask?
-Think she's Elizabeth Taylor?
-Carve my name into arm?
-Carve her name into MY arm?

Or will she be a normal, well adjusted person, no social diseases, boyfriends, no skeletons in her closet who finds me attractive, thinks I have a good personality, and thinks I'm witty and funny? (yeah right)

Place the bets now!!!!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Anatomy of, "What The Hell?"

or.............Meeting People You Met On-Line Isn't Always A Good Idea.

I'll break this whole story down from the past few days.........

Wednesday Night: I'm goofing around on MySpace, deleting the friend requests from web cam girls, when in all of them is a friend request from a lady that lives near me. Around my age, pretty cute, and found me to top it all off! Thinking what the hell, I accept the request, and there's immediately a message from her. The rest of the evening is us talking about ourselves till she signs off.

Thursday: We talk on MySpace more. That evening, I look at her profile and I'm the number two friend on there! I'll be damned! To be a nice guy, I put her up at number two as well. She asks if I would like to meet up of lunch sometime. I tell her yes and to let me know when and where would be good for her. She suggests I meet up with her Saturday night, as her and some friends have a "girl's night out" between the Plaza/Westport/Downtown. I agree. First mistake? A guy meeting a girl for the first time while she's out with her friends? Spider Sense is tingling. A little bit of flirting is happening between us, the two of us filling the others comments.

Friday: More talking on MySpace. She admits to me that she has a boyfriend! The pic of a guy on her page is now referenced as boyfriend, and now there's a pic of the two of them that wasn't there the day before. Hmmmmm.........She asks if I'm still up for meeting her. I went ahead and said yes. I was curious.

Did this girl want:

To dump the current guy and meet someone new? I'm not a prize winner, but looking at the pics of her beau? Guy makes a bison look like Clooney!

Just to meet someone new as a friend? That was what she said when she told me she had a boyfriend. Looking at her profile her status was "Divorced", and the one pic of her beau on the page said nothing about him being a boyfriend. Something is rotten in Denmark.

A one night stand? If the girl has a guy, the answer is no. Even if her current guy looks like a bulldog. Like I said I was curious about the whole deal, and I had already agreed and didn't want to look like a dick.

Saturday Night: The big night. I get home from work, change clothes, get some friends to ride with for the meet-up, and away we go.

The bar on the Plaza her and her friends are at is packed to the gills. We find them, and I get to meet her face to face. Cute girl! Thinking twice about the one night stand thing. It's a little too packed for my friends, so they head to a joint less busy down the block. Already there's a problem. One of the guys from that "Home Makeover Make People Cry" show is talking to the group of girls, dropping sleazy flirting. I can't get a word in edgewise. Great.

The group decides to hit a dance club downtown. Now you folks know me..........

Rusty+dance clubs=oil and water. Hell, it was a miracle I agreed to go to a trendy Plaza bar! I was starting to miss the Buzzard Beach. I called my crew and told them what the plan was. They were eating where they were at and would meet me and the girls down there when they were done. I hopped in the girl's SUV, and away we went.

On the way the three girls in the car talked about their divorces and the settlements they got. I was able to get out my current job and some other little snippets about me, not much else.

We hit the night club. Huuuuuuuge fucking line. a member of the group that met us down there said we could bribe the doorman to let us in for 50 bucks for the group. Fuck me running! I hadn't paid to get into a club in a few years, and had NEVER had to bribe my way into a place! A situation like that usually I'd laugh and flip off the door guy. I consented and put some money in with the others. When we get in, we still have to pay the door charge! 15 dollars just to get in the damn place now! My thoughts go to how many PBR's I could have sucked down at the Buzzard for 15 bucks. I called my friends, and told them what was going down. Now way they're be able to pull the same thing to get in if they wanted to! It was agreed that they'd just come and pick me up when it was time to bail.

We get into the dance club. Seen one you've seen 'em all. I was trying to estimate the amount of cocaine and roofies that the patrons had on them. But on the upside, the group I was with was pretty nice and having some fun, and no "Home Makeover" jackass with us. We hit the main dance floor with some drinks. I gotta admit that I danced around a little, and was having a good time. A little after I got the call from the friends. They were on the way to pick me up, so time to go.

I told the girl in question that I had to take off, so she gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek, I give her one back and take off to meet the friends and head home.

The verdict? She seemed lie a nice girl and I had a good time, but wished I had a better opportunity to talk to her, what with the loud music, other friends of hers, and the Bob Vila asshat, not much of a chance.

Sunday, THE DAY AFTER: I get a message from her asking if I had fun. I told her I did, and that I wished I could have hung out a little longer, but we'd be able to next time, leaving it open for meeting in the future. The only other communication that day was her saying that she liked the changes I made to the profile.

Monday: Tonight I go to the MySpace and I notice that I've been dropped as her friend cause she's out of my top friends! I go to look at her page and it is now set to private and I can't see shit. What the hell?

I had a couple theories brewing in my head. I called a friend who I had talked about the whole situation to, she looked and indeed, the profile was private for her as well, meaning that I hadn't been blocked be her.

The general assumption between the two of us? The bison-looking boyfriend found out what went down, what with the two of us meeting up, got pissed, and made her drop me as a friend and set the profile to private. The only other things that I can think is that she wasn't that impressed with me in person, and decided to just drop me as a friend, or she felt bad about flirting with another guy, and dropped me. I'm going with the first. My friend also reminded me, cause I couldn't remember, that she had dating down as one of the things she was looking for along with networking and friends before the admission of having a boyfriend. And that's where things stand as of now.

On my page I have dating down as one of the things I'm looking for, just to see what's shaking, me not really looking on my end. She finds me, and likes what she sees, sends the friend request, and we start talking. To be honest, she comes clean about her already dating someone, but is still displaying an interest. The meeting goes down...........And I already told you the rest and what at this point myself, the friends I had told about this, and now you, can only assume or speculate.

As of now, I deleted any messages from her in the MySpace inbox, and took her number out of my phone, but have not deleted any comments that were left by her on my page. I'm still trying to be a nice guy here. At any rate, she seemed nice and all, and if she was truly single, I'd be all about her. But I had to satisfy my curiosity about the whole situation, and I hope that her beau isn't the kind of asshole that would slap her around because of this (maybe a reason to look for a new guy? Another theory! Like I said, hope that's not the case). I've speculated a little, now it's time to move on, but I have a heck of a story that could be suited for a cheesy TV-movie.

I've been checking the MySpace page while I've been writing this, and still no communication. But if anything else comes up (doubt it), oh yeah, I'll let you know.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

To "Scooter" Libby:


Hold on......Let me catch my breath...........



Now don't get me wrong, I know you won't do hard time. You're rich, you're white. That max of 25 years I heard? You won't get that. You won't get the pleasure of being locked up in some hard-core jail where you get passed around between some hard-core badasses for smokes (like you need).

But I gotta hand it to ya, you didn't rat out the bug guys. It was just like one of those mafia movies! You kept your trap shut, played(?) dumb, you'll do a little bit of time, and prove your loyalty to the "family".

Did Cheney shooting that guy in the face scare you into silence? I'll bet when he did that it wasn't and "accident", it was an example. "I shot a guy I like in the face, imagine what happens to Libby if he rats me out!" That Cheney, he's like Gotti, but with a perma-sneer on his face. The Don of DC. I don't really blame you Scooter, I'd rather face a few years in a white collar prison than a face full of buckshot.

By the way, what the hell kind of nickname for a grown man is "Scooter"? For pity's sake you're rich and powerful and a mover and shaker with the most powerful men on the planet and you're called "Scooter"? Wasn't that the name of one of the Muppets? What's Cheney's nickname, Cuddle Bear? What about "W"? Do you guys call him Alfred E. Newman behind his back?

Anyways, time to wrap this up. I really wish that this had went down sooner, and it would have been nice to take a few of the big guys down with you, but it's ok, I'll take what I can get.

Rusty sees "300"


By a stroke of good luck I was able to snag a pass to an advance screening of "300" tonight, showing in Olathe. I get off work, grab a buddy of mine and we hustle over to Kansas to check it out.

All I can say is WOW. What a beautiful looking movie.

But don't take the kids. People get killed in a harsh way, and there's a little skin.

The story is about a Spartan king who goes out with 300 of his best warriors to secretly take out an invading Persian army that numbers in the tens of thousands because he was told not to wage full on war by the ruling council. All the while back on the home front, his wife, the queen, is trying to muster support for his husband however she can. The story comes from a graphic novel written by Frank Miller who also wrote "Sin City".

Like I said, it's a beautiful movie. I got caught up in the colors and the shooting of the film while watching intense battle scenes. I got so caught up in the look of the film, that seeing something like a guy get run through with a spear or lose a limb (or a head) to a sword seemed like an afterthought.

My hat is off to the director Snyder. He was able to take the original sourcework of illustration and make it look just as good. It takes a lot to take a work from Miller and translate it to the screen and do it justice. Look at "Sin City". Rodriguez was able to take the story and bring it to the screen without flaws, and the look of that was a pretty tall order. Epic battles made that looked like no effort was made to bring it to the screen. Impressive.

You got some free time this weekend? Go check it out.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Sick day movie review


A cold that I picked up sapped my strength and left my brain a puddle of non-responsive goo. No other option than to go home, chug NyQuill, and watch a flick I hadn't seen in a while.

The film? The old school TV movie "The Day After".

I remember watching this one as a kid when it was first on TV and it scaring the ever loving shit outta me. The scene when the bombs hit and the people vaporizing? Sent me screaming to my room, scared to death that it would happen, and back then it might have what with the hard cold Cold War.

Weird to watch it nowadays, cause the fear of something like that happening, for the most part, has been replaced with others. But still the thing is still intense even for as old as it is.

Gotta jump back to the start though. The cover? A pic of Kansas City getting blown to bits? I think there's been days we've all wanted that. And then to watch it and see a destroyed Lawrence and Brookside/KC. Damn, how 'bout that. Maybe it made it hit closer to home. Back in the day, I'd have loved to hear the reaction of someone from KC and someone from a place like Boston see who it affected more.

But you gotta admit that there's a little of a cornball factor. There's the cliche characters like the people trying to get back their homes or loved ones all the while slowly dying from radiation sickness. And seeing the effects of the sickness? If that kind of thing ever did happen? I wanna be one of those who's a pile of ashes at the start, and not one of the ones slowly wasting away. Call me crazy. And you can never take a movie too seriously when it has Steve Guttenberg in it. The scene with him bald from the radiation I can hear the noise guy from "Police Academy" in my head.

All in all, it still holds up. It's more of a slice of the past from bygone fears nowadays. You want to get a better slice of the fear of the bomb check out (one of my favorites) "Fail Safe". Can't really recommend it when you have a head fulla cold medication though. Watch something funny.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Rusty will confess

Tony Stewart was FUCKING ROBBED at the Daytona 500!!!

Time to confess what a few friends of mine already know.

I dig Nascar. There I did it. I'm not a redneck, Larry The Cable Guy is not my personal savior, I have all my teeth. Stop looking all shocked.

How'd I get into it. My dad digs it, and anytime I'd drop by his place on a Sunday, he'd be all into whatever race was happening. I'd give in and watch it too, slowly realizing that I really dug on watching the racing.

Ok, now the whys of me getting into the racing. First off, the endurance factor of the whole thing. Driving over 180 miles and hour for a few hours, only brakes you get are the handful of seconds in the pits or when the caution flag is out. Any other sport, football, baseball, basketball, players get brakes, halftimes, taken out of the game. Racing? Can't really change drivers, it's balls to the wall, inches away from another car going just as fast and a minor slip? Your car is so much scrap all over the track. Intense.

Another reason why I dig the racing. The racers actually have personalities. You see another athlete on TV or listen to them on the radio and you could swear that they were dropped off at the stadium or arena by a short bus. Vacant look on the face, a little slack jawed. They look like they took one too many hits to the head (except when they go on radio shows and ramble about how they hate gays or something like that). I know not all are like that, but damn near all of em are.

And watching it on TV is a trip. The shots from the camera beside the track when the cars go by. It sounds like a horde of pissed wasps shooting by. I can only imagine what that sounds like there. And listening to the color commentator Waltrip during a race. What the hell, do they make that guy do a few lines of coke and slam a case of Red Bull before the race? When the cars are under a yellow flag and going slow, he's in the booth flipping out and talking faster than that guy from the old school Fed Ex ads. You can only imagine what he's like when the race is going full steam.

There you have it. I'm not gonna be going to a Toby Keith show anytime soon, I don't have a dip of Skoal under my lip right now, and I can't line dance, but I dig on the Nascar. Add that to the other oddball stuff I dig.

Little bit 'o music

To start off, is it just me, or does it really FUCK with your head that they're using the Violent Femmes song "Blister In The Sun" for fucking Wendy's??? Isn't that a song about jerking off or something like that? Yeah, while I'm eating a burger I wanna think about a song about beating your dick like it owes you money.

That being said..............

Picked up an iTunes card today to pick up some songs on-line. Why'd I pick up the card? You think I'm gonna put my bank account info out there for every asshole to pick up? No thanks! Not even with PayPal will I go there. Known enough people who have been shafted and got their credit fucked up to deal with that!

What did I buy? Glad you asked! Here's a sample of what I purchased (or how messed up in the head I am)

"Gin and Juice", and "Guerilla Radio" by Richard Cheese
"Gimmie All Your Lovin", and "Sharp Dressed Man" by ZZ Top
"Blue Orchid" by the White Stripes
"99 Problems" by Jay-Z
"To Be Loved" by Papa Roach (so I like one song from an otherwise shitty band, cut me some slack!)
"Let's Get It Started", and "Hey Mamma" from Black Eyed Peas

And from the 80's.........."Dead Man's Party" from Oingo Boingo and "One Night In Bangkok" from Murray Head (the last one falls under show tunes as well, no homo).

Last but not least........Sid Vicious covering Sinatra's classic "My Way".

Hey, I'm just a guy with some way jacked up taste in music who likes to cover all the bases.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Quick note

Finally got some of you guys out there who have linked to me linked to you.

Sorry it took me a bit, didn't mean to be a dick or anything.

Lazy day

Thursday was my day off. A day of note because it was my first day off from work since my move where I didn't have to use the day to move just a little more of my stuff or drop by work for just a few moments to take care of some little thing. That's right, a day off where I didn't have to do jack shit.

How did I start this day off? How else? A hangover!!! The night before I was out with some friends knocking back a few dozen beers, with a trip to Chubby's later to soak up a little bit of the booze, with a hobo sitting in a booth down from us rambling about how we and anyone were "faggots". Odd, seeing as how none of us sucked his dick and are straight (the sarcasm meter is going off the scale folks!).

It's one of the signs of getting old when you don't snap right up from a night of drinking the next day. So the first couple of hours of the next day were spent laying in bed, waiting for the asprin to kick in, not giving a shit as to what I was watching. Hell, it could've been "The View" for all I cared, my mind was still a puddle full of beer and Chubby's chili cheese fries.

Time to get outta bed. The minor plans for the day were (no particular order)

Wash the truck, it looked nasty.
Cut my hair.
Maybe do laundry.
Maybe do some cleaning.

The truck was was vital. Screw the rain coming in a few days, it would've just made the salt, grime, and dust all over the truck even nastier. The last bit of the hangover died as I went over the hood with the sprayer a second time. The truck was back to the usual red.

I dropped by an old friends work to see him. Hadn't seen him in at least four years. He seemed to be doing good. Good to reconnect.

The laundry? Screw that. Too much like work on a day off. Same with the cleaning.

Time to cut the hair. I tried to let it grow out for an upcoming wedding, but the thin spot on top made it look like I was on the verge of a comb over. Time for the clippers. Now where's my small mirror so I can see to cut the back?

Can't find the little fucker. Damnit! Maybe I should have cleaned.

Can't let that stop me, the only other reflective surface that I can find? A CD. Not exactly a mirror, but I can see the other mirror. Better than doing it by feel, risking missing a spot on the back of my head, and looking like a jackass.

The day is complete. What to do now? Lay around and watch Adult Swim as I drift off to sleep. I dread the next day for fear the hangover may not be totally gone. Fuck it, tomorrow isn't a problem. Not right now.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Shaved heads, big fires, and the media

The media the past week, what the hell???

Britney shaved her head and got a couple tattoos with a rumor of a quick re-hab check in. Yeah, so?

Who knows why she did it. In the long run does it really matter in the big scheme of things? Not really a fan of her, but you gotta feel sorry for her sometimes.

She hooked up with the wrong person, who hasn't at least once in their lives?

Messy break-up? Raise your hands folks, more than a few of you out there been through that.

Blowing off steam after a break-up with some partying. Once again, a show of hands.

Some of the baby stuff that's went down. We all know someone out there who has at least one stupid thing with their kid, or the little bastard got knocked against something. That shit happens.

Now take all that stuff, lots of stuff an average person has been through, and add being in the public eye, WORLDWIDE no less, having people pull a holier than thou attitude to try and judge what you do and why you do it. You can't take a step without the whole world watching you and being critical, cause you can't please everyone. How long would it take for you to full something that looks like a huge middle finger to the rest of the world like shaving your head?

I don't need to follow your rules, and I don't need to jump through all these hoops to try and make all you silly bastards out there happy. To prove it, I'll do something that screws with your jacked up notions of what beautiful is like shaving my head! There! A bald head! Now I'm "ugly", leave me alone!

In the end, I'm not suprised she did it, and I don't blame her.

And don't give me the crap excuse about she shouldn't have tried to be a singer if she didn't want to be constantly watched.

Now onto the KC media and the Kennedy's fire...............

Five firefighters were hurt trying to stop the blaze. Of course that's a horrible thing. But did we really need every news station in the city giving us coverage of the fire, repeating the same info over and over again, for that damn long?

Was it a slow news day? It must have been. Was it news that sobbing chicks all over were calling about wedding dresses that went up in flames?

Don't even get me started on the whole dead Anna Nicole thing

Friday, February 16, 2007

Geographical adjustment

Yeah, I'm in there somewhere..................

This one has been the biggest adjustment since becoming a Northlander.

Quite a bit of the time when I was living in the heart of the city I'd work in the Northland. As I would drive to work, I'd check out the southbound lanes of traffic and the bumper to bumper traffic as commuters would crawl to their jobs. My northbound lanes were free and clear. When I would head home the northbound lanes would be just as much of a mess as people would try and hurry home to their families. My southbound lane would be empty with me clipping along at a happy pace. King of the road. My thought anytime I would see that was, "Man, I'm glad I'm not one of those poor assholes."

Guess what? Now I am!!!!!!

I am now a slave to the I-35 morning commute until I get sent back to work North or I find one of those mythical routes to work that people speak of that no one uses that will get me to work faster than I can blink.

The first day of this commute was Monday. You know what Monday looked like.

Traffic at a stand still,
People driving like fucking morons. That one still gets me to this day. Bad road conditions, but people drive like a 16 year old who just got the license yesterday, driving right into a median. But I digress.........

Maybe it's karma, me laughing at people stuck in rush hour traffic for so long. All I know is I'm counting down the days till I get a work transfer North or I find that yellow brick road that will drop me right off at work pretty as you please with no constant stomping on the brakes.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Back in the city

A month went by since the last post?

Oh geez...........That'll change now.

The move back to KC is complete. The final touch was getting the cable/internet hooked up today. The DVR for the cable? Now my new favorite thing.

Let's re-cap the actual move.

Don't move with a hangover. It's never a good idea, especially when it's bitter cold out and you forget how heavy most of your stuff is.

Another thing not to do(if you can avoid it)? Don't use a gravel road unless you want a thick layer of dirt on your stuff, adding to the work you have to do unpacking what with the dusting and all.

This new place will be a first in the KC living, what with me living in North KC this time instead of Midtown. A little quieter 'round these parts. Less hobos asking for my spare change. Will take a little time to get adjusted to the surroundings up here. I can still get around Midtown with my eyes closed, but up here I can get turned around and lost in the blink of an eye. Oh well.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

News from the front

Been a bit since the last post. Time to fill you in.

The job hunt has been successful, and employment has happened. And naturally, it has nothing at all to do with the degree that I have recieved, but pays way more than what I would make in the career field for the degree and all. Ain't that always the way? When you so to college you hear the horror stories about people never finding the right job, or when they do it pays less than what a hobo makes begging on the street. You say that it won't happen to you, and you'll get that brass ring at the end of it all. But then you wind up like all the others who are doing the last thing they expected to do at the end of the day.

But you find some other job that pays out the ass that has nothing to do with what you did in college, and they want to throw even more money your way just cause you have A degree! Don't matter what the hell it's in! You could have a degree in clubbing baby seals to death and get a sweet job with nothing to do with wildlife or the use of a blunt object for the purpose of smashing a skull.

Don't get me wrong, that extra amount that I'm getting cause I got a piece of paper is sweet, especially when it come time to start dropping mad duckets to pay for the education, and the job is a pretty decent one with all the normal ups and downs that employment has.

I suppose you can call it the life lottery. Like all the thousands that flock to Hollywood every year to "make it big", or the countless bands that ship demos off to record labels to get that sweet contract. Out of all those countless people? Only a handful are gonna make it. The rest will keep plugging away, buying more "lottery tickets" till it happens for them or they decide to stop playing. It's the same for a college graduate more or less, but because of that piece of paper you have a little better odds. Grand prize is that sweet dream job, runners up get a well paying job not in their field of study. I guess the only ones left are the one that decide to go back to grad school for a little bit, and hope to better their odds.