Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Rusty will confess

Tony Stewart was FUCKING ROBBED at the Daytona 500!!!

Time to confess what a few friends of mine already know.

I dig Nascar. There I did it. I'm not a redneck, Larry The Cable Guy is not my personal savior, I have all my teeth. Stop looking all shocked.

How'd I get into it. My dad digs it, and anytime I'd drop by his place on a Sunday, he'd be all into whatever race was happening. I'd give in and watch it too, slowly realizing that I really dug on watching the racing.

Ok, now the whys of me getting into the racing. First off, the endurance factor of the whole thing. Driving over 180 miles and hour for a few hours, only brakes you get are the handful of seconds in the pits or when the caution flag is out. Any other sport, football, baseball, basketball, players get brakes, halftimes, taken out of the game. Racing? Can't really change drivers, it's balls to the wall, inches away from another car going just as fast and a minor slip? Your car is so much scrap all over the track. Intense.

Another reason why I dig the racing. The racers actually have personalities. You see another athlete on TV or listen to them on the radio and you could swear that they were dropped off at the stadium or arena by a short bus. Vacant look on the face, a little slack jawed. They look like they took one too many hits to the head (except when they go on radio shows and ramble about how they hate gays or something like that). I know not all are like that, but damn near all of em are.

And watching it on TV is a trip. The shots from the camera beside the track when the cars go by. It sounds like a horde of pissed wasps shooting by. I can only imagine what that sounds like there. And listening to the color commentator Waltrip during a race. What the hell, do they make that guy do a few lines of coke and slam a case of Red Bull before the race? When the cars are under a yellow flag and going slow, he's in the booth flipping out and talking faster than that guy from the old school Fed Ex ads. You can only imagine what he's like when the race is going full steam.

There you have it. I'm not gonna be going to a Toby Keith show anytime soon, I don't have a dip of Skoal under my lip right now, and I can't line dance, but I dig on the Nascar. Add that to the other oddball stuff I dig.

Little bit 'o music

To start off, is it just me, or does it really FUCK with your head that they're using the Violent Femmes song "Blister In The Sun" for fucking Wendy's??? Isn't that a song about jerking off or something like that? Yeah, while I'm eating a burger I wanna think about a song about beating your dick like it owes you money.

That being said..............

Picked up an iTunes card today to pick up some songs on-line. Why'd I pick up the card? You think I'm gonna put my bank account info out there for every asshole to pick up? No thanks! Not even with PayPal will I go there. Known enough people who have been shafted and got their credit fucked up to deal with that!

What did I buy? Glad you asked! Here's a sample of what I purchased (or how messed up in the head I am)

"Gin and Juice", and "Guerilla Radio" by Richard Cheese
"Gimmie All Your Lovin", and "Sharp Dressed Man" by ZZ Top
"Blue Orchid" by the White Stripes
"99 Problems" by Jay-Z
"To Be Loved" by Papa Roach (so I like one song from an otherwise shitty band, cut me some slack!)
"Let's Get It Started", and "Hey Mamma" from Black Eyed Peas

And from the 80's.........."Dead Man's Party" from Oingo Boingo and "One Night In Bangkok" from Murray Head (the last one falls under show tunes as well, no homo).

Last but not least........Sid Vicious covering Sinatra's classic "My Way".

Hey, I'm just a guy with some way jacked up taste in music who likes to cover all the bases.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Quick note

Finally got some of you guys out there who have linked to me linked to you.

Sorry it took me a bit, didn't mean to be a dick or anything.

Lazy day

Thursday was my day off. A day of note because it was my first day off from work since my move where I didn't have to use the day to move just a little more of my stuff or drop by work for just a few moments to take care of some little thing. That's right, a day off where I didn't have to do jack shit.

How did I start this day off? How else? A hangover!!! The night before I was out with some friends knocking back a few dozen beers, with a trip to Chubby's later to soak up a little bit of the booze, with a hobo sitting in a booth down from us rambling about how we and anyone were "faggots". Odd, seeing as how none of us sucked his dick and are straight (the sarcasm meter is going off the scale folks!).

It's one of the signs of getting old when you don't snap right up from a night of drinking the next day. So the first couple of hours of the next day were spent laying in bed, waiting for the asprin to kick in, not giving a shit as to what I was watching. Hell, it could've been "The View" for all I cared, my mind was still a puddle full of beer and Chubby's chili cheese fries.

Time to get outta bed. The minor plans for the day were (no particular order)

Wash the truck, it looked nasty.
Cut my hair.
Maybe do laundry.
Maybe do some cleaning.

The truck was was vital. Screw the rain coming in a few days, it would've just made the salt, grime, and dust all over the truck even nastier. The last bit of the hangover died as I went over the hood with the sprayer a second time. The truck was back to the usual red.

I dropped by an old friends work to see him. Hadn't seen him in at least four years. He seemed to be doing good. Good to reconnect.

The laundry? Screw that. Too much like work on a day off. Same with the cleaning.

Time to cut the hair. I tried to let it grow out for an upcoming wedding, but the thin spot on top made it look like I was on the verge of a comb over. Time for the clippers. Now where's my small mirror so I can see to cut the back?

Can't find the little fucker. Damnit! Maybe I should have cleaned.

Can't let that stop me, the only other reflective surface that I can find? A CD. Not exactly a mirror, but I can see the other mirror. Better than doing it by feel, risking missing a spot on the back of my head, and looking like a jackass.

The day is complete. What to do now? Lay around and watch Adult Swim as I drift off to sleep. I dread the next day for fear the hangover may not be totally gone. Fuck it, tomorrow isn't a problem. Not right now.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Shaved heads, big fires, and the media

The media the past week, what the hell???

Britney shaved her head and got a couple tattoos with a rumor of a quick re-hab check in. Yeah, so?

Who knows why she did it. In the long run does it really matter in the big scheme of things? Not really a fan of her, but you gotta feel sorry for her sometimes.

She hooked up with the wrong person, who hasn't at least once in their lives?

Messy break-up? Raise your hands folks, more than a few of you out there been through that.

Blowing off steam after a break-up with some partying. Once again, a show of hands.

Some of the baby stuff that's went down. We all know someone out there who has at least one stupid thing with their kid, or the little bastard got knocked against something. That shit happens.

Now take all that stuff, lots of stuff an average person has been through, and add being in the public eye, WORLDWIDE no less, having people pull a holier than thou attitude to try and judge what you do and why you do it. You can't take a step without the whole world watching you and being critical, cause you can't please everyone. How long would it take for you to full something that looks like a huge middle finger to the rest of the world like shaving your head?

I don't need to follow your rules, and I don't need to jump through all these hoops to try and make all you silly bastards out there happy. To prove it, I'll do something that screws with your jacked up notions of what beautiful is like shaving my head! There! A bald head! Now I'm "ugly", leave me alone!

In the end, I'm not suprised she did it, and I don't blame her.

And don't give me the crap excuse about she shouldn't have tried to be a singer if she didn't want to be constantly watched.

Now onto the KC media and the Kennedy's fire...............

Five firefighters were hurt trying to stop the blaze. Of course that's a horrible thing. But did we really need every news station in the city giving us coverage of the fire, repeating the same info over and over again, for that damn long?

Was it a slow news day? It must have been. Was it news that sobbing chicks all over were calling about wedding dresses that went up in flames?

Don't even get me started on the whole dead Anna Nicole thing

Friday, February 16, 2007

Geographical adjustment

Yeah, I'm in there somewhere..................

This one has been the biggest adjustment since becoming a Northlander.

Quite a bit of the time when I was living in the heart of the city I'd work in the Northland. As I would drive to work, I'd check out the southbound lanes of traffic and the bumper to bumper traffic as commuters would crawl to their jobs. My northbound lanes were free and clear. When I would head home the northbound lanes would be just as much of a mess as people would try and hurry home to their families. My southbound lane would be empty with me clipping along at a happy pace. King of the road. My thought anytime I would see that was, "Man, I'm glad I'm not one of those poor assholes."

Guess what? Now I am!!!!!!

I am now a slave to the I-35 morning commute until I get sent back to work North or I find one of those mythical routes to work that people speak of that no one uses that will get me to work faster than I can blink.

The first day of this commute was Monday. You know what Monday looked like.

Traffic at a stand still,
People driving like fucking morons. That one still gets me to this day. Bad road conditions, but people drive like a 16 year old who just got the license yesterday, driving right into a median. But I digress.........

Maybe it's karma, me laughing at people stuck in rush hour traffic for so long. All I know is I'm counting down the days till I get a work transfer North or I find that yellow brick road that will drop me right off at work pretty as you please with no constant stomping on the brakes.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Back in the city

A month went by since the last post?

Oh geez...........That'll change now.

The move back to KC is complete. The final touch was getting the cable/internet hooked up today. The DVR for the cable? Now my new favorite thing.

Let's re-cap the actual move.

Don't move with a hangover. It's never a good idea, especially when it's bitter cold out and you forget how heavy most of your stuff is.

Another thing not to do(if you can avoid it)? Don't use a gravel road unless you want a thick layer of dirt on your stuff, adding to the work you have to do unpacking what with the dusting and all.

This new place will be a first in the KC living, what with me living in North KC this time instead of Midtown. A little quieter 'round these parts. Less hobos asking for my spare change. Will take a little time to get adjusted to the surroundings up here. I can still get around Midtown with my eyes closed, but up here I can get turned around and lost in the blink of an eye. Oh well.