Friday, February 16, 2007

Geographical adjustment

Yeah, I'm in there somewhere..................

This one has been the biggest adjustment since becoming a Northlander.

Quite a bit of the time when I was living in the heart of the city I'd work in the Northland. As I would drive to work, I'd check out the southbound lanes of traffic and the bumper to bumper traffic as commuters would crawl to their jobs. My northbound lanes were free and clear. When I would head home the northbound lanes would be just as much of a mess as people would try and hurry home to their families. My southbound lane would be empty with me clipping along at a happy pace. King of the road. My thought anytime I would see that was, "Man, I'm glad I'm not one of those poor assholes."

Guess what? Now I am!!!!!!

I am now a slave to the I-35 morning commute until I get sent back to work North or I find one of those mythical routes to work that people speak of that no one uses that will get me to work faster than I can blink.

The first day of this commute was Monday. You know what Monday looked like.

Traffic at a stand still,
People driving like fucking morons. That one still gets me to this day. Bad road conditions, but people drive like a 16 year old who just got the license yesterday, driving right into a median. But I digress.........

Maybe it's karma, me laughing at people stuck in rush hour traffic for so long. All I know is I'm counting down the days till I get a work transfer North or I find that yellow brick road that will drop me right off at work pretty as you please with no constant stomping on the brakes.

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Xavier Onassis said...

Don't know exactly where you live or where you work. I live in Liberty and work downtown. I take 210 west right through NKC to Burlington and take it south into the city across the Heart of America bridge.

It's a whole lot better than taking I-35.

On the other hand, I have road rage issues so you might not want to go that way.