Sunday, February 25, 2007

Lazy day

Thursday was my day off. A day of note because it was my first day off from work since my move where I didn't have to use the day to move just a little more of my stuff or drop by work for just a few moments to take care of some little thing. That's right, a day off where I didn't have to do jack shit.

How did I start this day off? How else? A hangover!!! The night before I was out with some friends knocking back a few dozen beers, with a trip to Chubby's later to soak up a little bit of the booze, with a hobo sitting in a booth down from us rambling about how we and anyone were "faggots". Odd, seeing as how none of us sucked his dick and are straight (the sarcasm meter is going off the scale folks!).

It's one of the signs of getting old when you don't snap right up from a night of drinking the next day. So the first couple of hours of the next day were spent laying in bed, waiting for the asprin to kick in, not giving a shit as to what I was watching. Hell, it could've been "The View" for all I cared, my mind was still a puddle full of beer and Chubby's chili cheese fries.

Time to get outta bed. The minor plans for the day were (no particular order)

Wash the truck, it looked nasty.
Cut my hair.
Maybe do laundry.
Maybe do some cleaning.

The truck was was vital. Screw the rain coming in a few days, it would've just made the salt, grime, and dust all over the truck even nastier. The last bit of the hangover died as I went over the hood with the sprayer a second time. The truck was back to the usual red.

I dropped by an old friends work to see him. Hadn't seen him in at least four years. He seemed to be doing good. Good to reconnect.

The laundry? Screw that. Too much like work on a day off. Same with the cleaning.

Time to cut the hair. I tried to let it grow out for an upcoming wedding, but the thin spot on top made it look like I was on the verge of a comb over. Time for the clippers. Now where's my small mirror so I can see to cut the back?

Can't find the little fucker. Damnit! Maybe I should have cleaned.

Can't let that stop me, the only other reflective surface that I can find? A CD. Not exactly a mirror, but I can see the other mirror. Better than doing it by feel, risking missing a spot on the back of my head, and looking like a jackass.

The day is complete. What to do now? Lay around and watch Adult Swim as I drift off to sleep. I dread the next day for fear the hangover may not be totally gone. Fuck it, tomorrow isn't a problem. Not right now.

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