Thursday, March 15, 2007

Anatomy Of: Final Chapter- Reflection

In the final move to end this once and for all, I decided to remove any comment that the girl left on my page. It hit me that there's enough people that read this who know my profile page and would see her. Might be a loopy girl, but I should have enough respect to keep her anonymous. And on top of that I blocked her from contacting me on MySpace. To keep an open line for her to contact me is to flirt with disaster. It's easy with a person with that much drama in a life to suck in others before they know it. I got about ankle deep in it, and that's all I want. Granted she may still have the digits, but it's smart to cut off what ties I can.

Time to reflect on the whole deal. Been single for a while now, and since the start of this year, I'd like to meet someone. But I have some smarts about it, hence the events in the last paragraph, but still kicking myself a little for the events of the weekend. I REALLY should have said thanks but no thanks when she dropped the BF bomb. But I was curious about this girl, who knows, she may have had a friend she wanted me to meet, that was an option.

Now it's time to break down the simplicity of what I'm looking for. Let's take the example of the MYG (MySpace Girl), but let's make her single for the example.

To me, MYG was attractive to me, in the profile pic, and in person. Hate to sound like an ass, but that's one thing I need. Has to be visually appealing to me and everyone, even though they may deny it, wants that. My level of attraction there can vary. I've looked at girls wand had my friends think she had a horse face, and of course the ones who I looked at that were generally accepted as good looking. MYG had the visual appeal down. Very easy on the eyes.

NOW, let's hit what MYG DIDN"T have after I found out what I did. The mentality/moral/ethics (we'll lump them into one). To me, a girl can be all sorts of hot, but upstairs if she's superficial, stupid, crazy, slutty, etc, then that screws the deal and it's see ya later. This seems like common sense to me. Why would you wanna be with a person that does not work with you on that level? I've been shot down because of this before, and I've seen people who have been with others because of the physical attraction and nothing more. And Lord help me, when I was younger I had done it before! But I had enough common sense to kill it before it it went too far. At least I was smart enough to do that.

So let's take our example of MYG if she was single. Yeah, to me the physical was there, but when I would have found out how much of a nutbar she truly was, than I would have cut ties with her in the nicest way possible. Probably no easy or nice way to do have done it, but it would happen.

It's been just about a week since this whole torrid(?) affair went down, and this is a good way to close this trilogy of insanity. I gain a little more clarity as to what I look for, affirm what I know inside.

(and thank the stars that NOTHING happened with this girl! In the words of a friend of mine about this whole deal, "You came out of this looking like a rockstar!" Better a rockstar than having dookie on my chest and getting sores on the privates.)

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