Friday, March 16, 2007

Catching Up

Got so wrapped up in the epic saga that was MYG that I've failed to talk about anything else this week.

Angelina Jolie decided to adopt another kid? Shit, what's she doing? Making her own Benneton ad or massing an army for world domination? First act of the Jolie World Order? A cable channel that shows the Tomb Raider movies 24/7!

Watched a "Twilight Zone" last night with Claude Akins in it. No one seems to talk about "Sheriff Lobo" anymore. Come on folks! It was the spin-off of "BJ And The Bear", a trucker and his monkey!

Bought a couple things earlier this week I thought I'd never buy. But what the hey, change is good.

First was a pair of flip-flops. I told myself I'd never get a pair cause, well let's face it, guys have some ugly assed feet, and shouldn't be seen on a regular basis. The other reason was that after spending the last few years in a college town the only guys I saw wearing the things were frat boy assholes. That and having something between my toes drives me nuts. My sock gets between my toes it drives me crazy.

But I decided that I wasn't gonna spend another summer wearing shoes and socks all over. Time for a change. I hit the shoe store and tried on a couple different pairs. I settled on a pair that were pretty comfortable pair, and the piece between my toes really didn't seem to bug me. I goofed around the rest of the day wearing them around. Took a little getting used to walking around in them, but I gotta admit that I dig the things!

The other thing I got? This is a biggie folks, some Rogaine.

Yeah, I got Rogaine. My bald brothers are gonna be really pissed with me.

I'd thought about getting some for a while, if anything to take care of the spot on the back of my head. If the shit can at least make the hair less thin, than that's cool. I don't expect to have a full head of hair after using the stuff, hell may not even work! But why not give it a try?

I don't mind not having a whole lot of hair, but looking at the same amount of hair on the top of my head starts to get old. Like I said, if the stuff works then great, if not, oh well it was only 20 bucks for the stuff. Only downside is you have to keep using it. You stop and the loss comes back. Little bit of a downfall.

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