Monday, March 26, 2007

I didn't sing "Mandy"!

Twice last week I found myself in bars with a karaoke night. In the past the karaoke thing was not my thing, but last year while in college I worked for a little bit in a bar that karaoke was the end all and be all Thursday nights. After a few dozen PBR's, I would belt out the greatest hits of the Ramones and Johnny Cash to the drunken masses. It was fun, hot damn!!!

So the last couple times in those bars, with a little bit of liquid courage in my belly, it was time for me to belt out a few choice numbers. Time to review the songs I deemed worthy of performing both nights.

-"Folsom Prison Blues": Not to shabby if I do say so myself.

-The theme from "Fat Albert": Something I'd wanted to do since I had seen a deleted scene from "Dogma" where Silent Bob rocked it out. I can die happy now.

"Rebel Yell": Ok folks, this was the crowning moment. I took that mic stand in hand like the man Billy Idol himself. I raised the fist and pumped it for the "MORE MORE MORE!!!" My rock scream would make Vince Neil throw all his hottest groupies at me, leaving him all the the sloppy trailer trash teeth gone to meth ages ago. I had that fucking crowd in the palm of my hand!!!!!!

"My Humps/I Will Survive": This was a little odd. I had female back-up singers and "My Humps" was fucked up on the CD. Improptu, "I Will..." came up. Fuck it, run with it!!

"Hunger Strike": Roped in by a buddy, I can hit it high notes like Chris Cornell. What the hell, and 'A' for effort.

"Bodies": Me and a couple other guys doing that goofy Drowning Pool song. Hey, I have a good Nu-Metal/Cookie Monster growl!! Come get some, Fred Durst! HAH!!!

Will the phenom rock a mic again? Only Pabst Blue Ribbon knows for sure.

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