Friday, March 02, 2007

Sick day movie review


A cold that I picked up sapped my strength and left my brain a puddle of non-responsive goo. No other option than to go home, chug NyQuill, and watch a flick I hadn't seen in a while.

The film? The old school TV movie "The Day After".

I remember watching this one as a kid when it was first on TV and it scaring the ever loving shit outta me. The scene when the bombs hit and the people vaporizing? Sent me screaming to my room, scared to death that it would happen, and back then it might have what with the hard cold Cold War.

Weird to watch it nowadays, cause the fear of something like that happening, for the most part, has been replaced with others. But still the thing is still intense even for as old as it is.

Gotta jump back to the start though. The cover? A pic of Kansas City getting blown to bits? I think there's been days we've all wanted that. And then to watch it and see a destroyed Lawrence and Brookside/KC. Damn, how 'bout that. Maybe it made it hit closer to home. Back in the day, I'd have loved to hear the reaction of someone from KC and someone from a place like Boston see who it affected more.

But you gotta admit that there's a little of a cornball factor. There's the cliche characters like the people trying to get back their homes or loved ones all the while slowly dying from radiation sickness. And seeing the effects of the sickness? If that kind of thing ever did happen? I wanna be one of those who's a pile of ashes at the start, and not one of the ones slowly wasting away. Call me crazy. And you can never take a movie too seriously when it has Steve Guttenberg in it. The scene with him bald from the radiation I can hear the noise guy from "Police Academy" in my head.

All in all, it still holds up. It's more of a slice of the past from bygone fears nowadays. You want to get a better slice of the fear of the bomb check out (one of my favorites) "Fail Safe". Can't really recommend it when you have a head fulla cold medication though. Watch something funny.

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