Monday, April 02, 2007

Anatomy of a breakdown

End of last week I was trucking down I-35 to do some work in Lenexa. I casually look in the rearview mirror and see that the car behind me has their wipers on. Odd, I thought seeing as how it was a nice day, blue sky, no rain to speak of. Just then I see a plume of smoke in the mirror. It occurs to me why this person has the wipers on, I'm losing a vital fluid and something is burning. Lucky for me work was very close. I decided to at least get the truck to work and not risk stopping on the highway.

I hit the exit for work, and as soon as I press on the gas it's my worst fear, the transmission. Keep onto work, only a couple blocks away. I pull into the parking lot at work and look under the truck and watch it bleed out. Not a pretty sight watching the fluid hit the concrete. I call my brother-in-law who is also my mechanic. I tell him what's up and he tells me to try and get it to my place after work, putting as much tranny fluid in it as it can hold and if I have to stop along the way to add more.

The end of the work day comes and a buddy of mine shows up at my work to take me to the auto shop to pick up fluid and follow me back in case the truck won't make it. We add the fluid and watch as it starts pouring out under the truck. Time to haul ass back home, from Lenexa to Gladstone. One hell of a ride. We opt to take a route that will have less stops and traffic congestion. I watch in the rearview as my friend follows me and it's a replay of the drive to work as I see his wipers removing the fluid from his windshield.

One stop to add more fluid on a slowgoing drive home that only got me up to 55 if I was lucky. The truck managed to get home, once again the last bit of the fluid leaking out.

I did manage to get a loaner car from the family, a blazer that I dig driving, but sucks up gas something fierce. I miss my truck.

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