Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Thoughts on Virginia

I watched some of the coverage tonight about the killer at VT, his sending the pics and video to NBC before he killed the others. I watched some of the video that CNN showed of his angry ramblings. Pretty chilling to know that after he dropped that package in the mail he killed so many with no remorse.

Here's some thoughts I've had about this so far...........

People are asking if there was any way to prevent this from happening. Honestly I don't think so. True, he had a history of stalking, freaked out a teacher, went to a mental hospital, etc, etc......He was a bad apple, true. But I think from what you can see of him now and what we know, he was smart enough to not do anything else that would draw him to the attention of anyone else after his past problems. He opted to not try and get anymore help, kept to himself, and let everything build up inside until it was too late. I think he hit a point that he was beyond help.

What has me really thinking about this is the aftermath that is going to hit this country like a shitstorm. It's already happening.

The gun advocates are trying to say that if the other students were allowed to carry guns than this wouldn't have happened. Now I just have to say, WHAT THE FUCK?!?!? That's the worse excuse for anything that I've heard since, "The dog ate my homework.". When I heard that, I had a mental image of a horrible situation being even worse, with kids having some sort of gunfight on the campus, and the fatalities being much worse. Imagine some scared shitless kid squeezing off shots at anything that moves with Cho blasting away. Why do the gun lovers think that if a gunfight happens in real life, it's gonna look like an action movie? Not to mention who is gonna use this shooting for their own purposes in the next election?

My other thought is about the mass paranoia that I'm afraid is gonna happen on college campuses nationwide. Because of this, people looking at that oddball kid who sits in the back of the room with an unfounded sense of fear. Imagine the kid in English classes who aspires to be a horror writer, but is a decent kid. Now, because of the stories of Cho writing the disturbing stories for his classes, twitchy teachers are gonna start having a bias about someone who may write something that is deemed a little "off" or "dark and disturbing". Because of this sad person, creativity will take a back seat to fear and suspicion.

I hope that things like this don't happen, but I have a bad feeling that they will.