Friday, July 27, 2007


End of last week I saw something that I can truly say I had never seen.

It was the cliche little kid tantrum.

I was at work and a mother was in with a little boy not more than 3 years old who didn't wanna be with her, was in a foul mood, whatever. The youngster was starting to whine and moan as he held his mother's hand as they walked. All of a sudden he went limp, fell to the ground while still holding mommy's hand and started to cry and whine while pounding the ground with the free hand and stomping the ground with his feet.

I watched and I realized that I had never really seen what is considered to be the typical tantrum like that! I had seen them plenty on TV, on sitcoms, cartoons, and when I would flip by one of those "nanny" reality shows. This was a first for me.

I stood and watched and had a couple thoughts running through my head. The first was the amazement at seeing this for the first time. The second was, "I wanna slap the taste outta that kids mouth!"

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