Monday, July 30, 2007


Satyavati had a good call in her comment about writing something like a screenplay to try and detail some of the happenings in my life that I consider stranger than fiction.

Not a bad idea at all.

I remember in college when I was doing some writing in class. One of my mentors told me to basically get my character up a tree and then start throwing things at him. Meaning get your character in a situation and keep making it more difficult for you character to get out of. Hmmmmm..........Sounds like my life off and on this whole year.

What did I do in those situations? Where I was up the tree and things being thrown at me? I just said fuck it and jumped out. Either hoping that I would land like a cat on my feet or I would be caught by someone. Both would happen, lucky me.

When I'm thinking about writing something, the first thought that I have, much like the "up a tree" scenario is thinking of some of the stuff I've been through, and make it about a 100 times worse or more pathetic. Make it something a little more dramatic from a basic spark from the real world. And also, if I write something truly pulled from real life, and on the off chance it gets published, some folks might get pissed!

I already have first "chapter" in my head. The rest of it? Still coming to me.


emawkc said...

I'm all for getting something published and pissing people off. Unless it's about me. Don't publish anything about me, okay?

satyavati said...

Just change the names and the details enough to make them un-identifiable, and write it. I do this all the time when I write about work because I have to.