Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Remembering Greg Beck

I just got home from an impromptu meet-up at the Record Bar of some of the friends of Greg Beck. Many tears were shed at the sudden loss of someone close to us, and many laughs were shared as we thought back to all the good times that we shared with him.

It's so hard to believe that he is no longer with us. To me, Greg was like a second father. Sometimes I used to introduce him to people as that. Always there with the right things to say, direction when I needed it in life. When it came down to it, he was the only person that I knew on the face of the Earth that could keep me in line. Greg told me to do it, I did it without question. Greg was always on the level when I wasn't, therefore I trusted him more than I trusted members of my family.

I looked at the comments that were left on his blog and over at Tony's Kansas City. The amount of lives that he touched here in Kansas City? Just a mere fraction. The stuff that he wrote on his blog touched many people all over the country, if not the world. Reading all the kind things that people have said about him, most of whom had never met him in person makes me feel proud to have been his friend.

Greg was like Paul Bunyan, John Henry, and Superman put into one mountain of a man. I'll miss his friendship, guidance, his blogging, and every single little fucking thing about him that made him to me a living legend.

I'm wanna close this with his "About Me" section from his My Space page. If I can do only a few things that he has done with his life like he mentioned, then I will consider it a life well spent.

I was a bar/club bouncer for 20 yrs and I also ran a liquor store and a rock music store back in the day. I’ve had a vast array of experiences from the pleasure of eating breakfast with Muddy Waters to being rousted by Henny Youngman’s bodyguards.

I’ve been stabbed & shot at, and for shit & grins I’m an ordained minister cause my friends asked me to be. For the last 17 year’s I’ve been gainfully employed by the MAN. My friends tell me that I’m a very blunt and honest person. If I had to describe my biggest weakness, it would be that I tend to be too honest for my own good??

My closest friend is a bonified hot chick 17 years my junior, and I love her to bits. I love rock, Jim Beam, breasts, cats, metal, blues, my website, Death’s Door, the view from the Spanish announcer’s table bars, my computer, my mother and sister, loud music, crunchy guitars, and a drummer with a groove.

I miss big hair, spandex, strippers, crackin off a needle early in the morning and driving downhill with no brakes. I smoke too much, drink too much, fall in love too much. Never been married. I’m smarter then I look and my cat’s been gone for 8 years and I still miss his stupid ass. And I thank God every day that I’m not dead yet.

Rest in peace, Greg. You have more than earned it.


Spyder said...

well said! He was one in a million and will be missed.

satyavati said...

Isn't it funny sometimes how you can cry more than you think you can..

emawkc said...

Thanks for that, Rusty.

I only met Greg in person a few times, but like a lot of people I felt like I knew him well through his blog. He will absolutely be missed.

My condolences for the loss of your friend.

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