Tuesday, January 16, 2007

News from the front

Been a bit since the last post. Time to fill you in.

The job hunt has been successful, and employment has happened. And naturally, it has nothing at all to do with the degree that I have recieved, but pays way more than what I would make in the career field for the degree and all. Ain't that always the way? When you so to college you hear the horror stories about people never finding the right job, or when they do it pays less than what a hobo makes begging on the street. You say that it won't happen to you, and you'll get that brass ring at the end of it all. But then you wind up like all the others who are doing the last thing they expected to do at the end of the day.

But you find some other job that pays out the ass that has nothing to do with what you did in college, and they want to throw even more money your way just cause you have A degree! Don't matter what the hell it's in! You could have a degree in clubbing baby seals to death and get a sweet job with nothing to do with wildlife or the use of a blunt object for the purpose of smashing a skull.

Don't get me wrong, that extra amount that I'm getting cause I got a piece of paper is sweet, especially when it come time to start dropping mad duckets to pay for the education, and the job is a pretty decent one with all the normal ups and downs that employment has.

I suppose you can call it the life lottery. Like all the thousands that flock to Hollywood every year to "make it big", or the countless bands that ship demos off to record labels to get that sweet contract. Out of all those countless people? Only a handful are gonna make it. The rest will keep plugging away, buying more "lottery tickets" till it happens for them or they decide to stop playing. It's the same for a college graduate more or less, but because of that piece of paper you have a little better odds. Grand prize is that sweet dream job, runners up get a well paying job not in their field of study. I guess the only ones left are the one that decide to go back to grad school for a little bit, and hope to better their odds.