Monday, July 30, 2007


Satyavati had a good call in her comment about writing something like a screenplay to try and detail some of the happenings in my life that I consider stranger than fiction.

Not a bad idea at all.

I remember in college when I was doing some writing in class. One of my mentors told me to basically get my character up a tree and then start throwing things at him. Meaning get your character in a situation and keep making it more difficult for you character to get out of. Hmmmmm..........Sounds like my life off and on this whole year.

What did I do in those situations? Where I was up the tree and things being thrown at me? I just said fuck it and jumped out. Either hoping that I would land like a cat on my feet or I would be caught by someone. Both would happen, lucky me.

When I'm thinking about writing something, the first thought that I have, much like the "up a tree" scenario is thinking of some of the stuff I've been through, and make it about a 100 times worse or more pathetic. Make it something a little more dramatic from a basic spark from the real world. And also, if I write something truly pulled from real life, and on the off chance it gets published, some folks might get pissed!

I already have first "chapter" in my head. The rest of it? Still coming to me.

Sunday, July 29, 2007


Was thinking about the tantrum kid from my last post. I assure that later the mom did take the kid outside to punish him. Didn't see what went down, but the kid was all sorts of in line when the mom came back in.

It makes me think of a conversation that I think we have all had with friends over drinks. A conversation about how our parents would discipline us as kids.

We all talk about how hardcore our parents would spank us with the belt or whatever or whatever kind of mind tricks that our parents would play on us that we all think nowadays would be considered abuse by the powers that be.

What's crazy about when we talk about this? We wear it like a badge of honor sometimes. When we talk about the whippings we would get sometimes there's a little spark of pride in our voices. The spankings were almost like getting a purple heart in the world of growing up. We took the licks, survived, and are better for it.

At least that's what I think.

Friday, July 27, 2007


End of last week I saw something that I can truly say I had never seen.

It was the cliche little kid tantrum.

I was at work and a mother was in with a little boy not more than 3 years old who didn't wanna be with her, was in a foul mood, whatever. The youngster was starting to whine and moan as he held his mother's hand as they walked. All of a sudden he went limp, fell to the ground while still holding mommy's hand and started to cry and whine while pounding the ground with the free hand and stomping the ground with his feet.

I watched and I realized that I had never really seen what is considered to be the typical tantrum like that! I had seen them plenty on TV, on sitcoms, cartoons, and when I would flip by one of those "nanny" reality shows. This was a first for me.

I stood and watched and had a couple thoughts running through my head. The first was the amazement at seeing this for the first time. The second was, "I wanna slap the taste outta that kids mouth!"

Monday, July 23, 2007

From the void

The last time I posted on here was April 20th......

Holy fucking shit!!!!!!!! April 20th?!?!?!?

Where the hell have I been? I'm not sure to tell you the truth.

Here's a recap of the last couple of months just off the top of my head.

I recently switched jobs. I blame the stress and sucking out of my immortal soul that the job did for my lack of wanting to post here. Just coming home from a horrible day of work, all you want to do is sit and be quiet, not talk to people because people pissed you off so much during the day that your last nerve is long gone and you know you'll snap at close friends. So far all is good with the new job.

My grandfather dying when work bullshit was reaching a critical mass and my sanity was in question. That went down.

Being the best man in my one of my best friends weddings. Truly a highlight.

Romantic entanglements that could only happen to me. Remember the story of the crazy girl earlier this year? Yeah, we see more drama, but not from her thankfully. I hit a soap opera status that any writer of soaps or romantic films would laugh off as being too out there for fiction. Little do they know.........

And last but not least, weighing the options of returning to college back in the sleepy little college town for graduate studies. Something that I had on my mind while I was in school, was more prominent my last semester, and now the thought won't go away as I weigh more pros and cons as the days go by.

And as always, spending free time with the movie, music, and book collection trying to expand my mind.

More later.