Friday, August 17, 2007

Dated TV

Last night I was watching an old episode of "Twilight Zone" about an old man with strange powers who befriends a lonely girl. Come to find out he's a fugitive on the run, ans the little girl starts to ask questions about why he's on the run.........

"Did you kill someone?"


"Did you rob a bank?"

(here's what cracked me up)

"Are you a......COMMUNIST?"

I assume that if this was made today communist would have been replaced with terrorist.

Still funny, that back in the day, being a member of the communist party seems like a bigger crime than murder. Maybe it's just me. Not that I'm advocating communism mind you

Monday, August 06, 2007

Who didn't see this coming?

I've been watching "Rock Of Love" because as far as human train wrecks go, it's the top of the heap. Watching girls compete for the affections of Bret Michaels? Classic. It's one of those shows where you watch and scream and laugh at how dippy these girls can be, but you mutter under your breath, "I'd go there" at certain girls. I gotta admit I think the tattooed up girl Sam is hella cute and it looks like she may have a little bit of a brain in her head.

Browsing this weekend, I find out that one of the girls from the show has already done some porn work post show! The one that goes by Brandi C. The REALLY dizzy blonde is going by the name Brittany and has already popped up on one porno site, with rumors floating around that a couple more feature her.

Yeah, I'll admit it. I looked at it. Nothing special to see folks. She already looked like a porn star in the first place. Bleached blonde hair, fake tits, a tattoo that I suspect hides a Caeserian scar. Seen one you've seen 'em all, so I'll not bother with a link.

I do think it's pretty funny though. With most of the celebrity/wannabe celebrity types, they have to hit rock fucking bottom before they decide to go the showing skin or porno route. Not this girl! She jumped right into it! The show isn't even off the air yet!

But in the new episode last night, she was one of the girls eliminated, cause Bret said that he was afraid that he would only have a sexual relationship with her, and not much else. After seeing her in a girl/girl/guy porno, I have to say, "Ummmmm.....Yeah".