Monday, November 17, 2008

Are people really sheep???

Recently I worked for a video store, and here's something that really tripped me out while I was working there.

Every Tuesday is new movie day and we'd get the stuff in and shuffle it out to it's appropriate locations in the store. There'd be good stuff and lousy stuff, it comes with the territory. But here's what would surprise me!!

The lousy stuff would go just as fast as the good stuff!!! It's not just me being a movie snob or something like that. Truly shitty movies would fly right out the door!!!

I kinda figured it out...........

A couple people would see a new movie on the shelf that they hadn't seen before, so they'd pick it up. More people would see that people were picking it up cause of the empty spaces and proceed to pick up more copies. Soon, all copies are gone off the wall, and the other people that would come in once the movie was gone see the empty space and assume that it must be some good movie and bug the shit outta the employees for it!!!!!


I always thought that if a movie had Cuba Gooding Jr. in it, it was a general assumption that it was a piece of crap!!!! Maybe I'm wrong.

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Satyavati devi dasi said...

People are goats. They eat whatever the media pukes out at them.