Sunday, November 23, 2008

A book review and some brain ramblings

Just read the graphic novel "Black Hole" by Charles Burns.

Wow!!!! What a good read!!!!

The plot in a nutshell is that it's the mid 70s' and there's an STD out there affecting teenagers that for a better lack of words mutates them, giving them things like mouths in their necks, growing tails, etc, who because of these mutations leave home and live in a small group in the nearby forest.

A good book because it shows the life of a teenager. It doesn't matter what decade that it happens in, teenagers will always go through the same turmoil and stress, just add the latest technology and fads for the decade, but it's still the same thing.

So here's something that I have discovered in the time that I have been broke. To be a taste critic of generic soda.

Usually I'm a Coca-Cola guy, but in the need to cut costs I've checked out the generic sodas...............

Vess is pretty good stuff!!!!!! Take Coke and make it just a tad flat and there you go!!!!! Vess!!!! A subtle taste that is still a joy to the taste buds.

Then there's Sam Choice, the stuff they sell at Wal-Mart. The taste of the Sam's Choice Cola is like a cross between Coke and Pepsi. It's a stout soda, but not as sweet as Pepsi. Add a little bit of sweetness to Coke and there you go!!!! Sam's Choice!!!!!

Just consider this a helpful hand to those out there who have bad caffeine addictions who are a little strapped for cash in these shitty economic times.

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