Sunday, November 30, 2008

Now Live!!!!!!

Gonna share something with you that I've been up to in the time that I haven't been on the ole blog.

Website called Now Live!!!!

In a nutshell it's an internet radio website, but on there there's a bunch of good shows on there that I check out on a regular basis...........

Joe Flynn Show: Joe is a friend of mine who runs a horror movie show on there Monday nights. Interviews, horror movie news, previews, and to top it all off Joe is an all around good guy!!!

The Shark: You'll never have so much fun watching a shark hand puppet!!!! That's all I'm gonna say!!! Shark usually has a show on Saturday evenings and other random times during the week.

The Lou Bawlz Show: You wanna talk Beatles with someone? Lou is your man Lou does his thing Saturday nights.

Ron Purtee Show: Ron plays some good music and the cat is a quick wit. Check him out Sunday nights!

The Asylum: Mr. Voice and his co-host Synful give you the comedy, contests and everything in between on Saturday nights!!!!

Victorian Rose: Rose usually does her thing late Saturday nights, but she also pops on from time to time with other shows.

Adrienne Curry: Yes, it's the same Adrienne Curry that had the reality show!!! Not sure when she usually does her show, seeing as how I only checked it out a couple of times........But what the hell, go give it a gander!!!!

And there's lots of other shows in between for anyone and everyone!!!!

Get a free moment, got over there make yourself a profile and check it out, and meet some cool people on there while you're at it!!!!!


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