Saturday, November 29, 2008

Oh come on!!!!! What the hell????

Starting this thing off. I've started noticing that the only time that I really get a "buzz" from smoking anymore is the first smoke of the day, the one I take on break from work, and the one I light up after I get off work. All the ones in between?? Not so much. Maybe another sign to quit smoking...............

one of these days.

Ok, to the topic at hand. You seen the ad on TV for the thing called the "Snugglie" or whatever it's called? Basically, it's supposed to be a blanket with sleeves in it to keep your arms warm.

You know what it really is??? Or what it looks like to me???


You want a Snugglie?? all you gots to do is take your bathrobe, take out the belt, and put the freaking thing on backwards, and it's the same thing!!!!

Go ahead and do it!!! I'll wait here.

YOU SEE?!?!?!?! I'm right on this one!!!

The person who invented this "Snugglie" thing is a bonafied genius!!!!! Take a simple idea like taking a piece of clothing, turning it around, and make a million!!!

Why can't I think up smart shit like that???

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