Sunday, November 09, 2008


For shits and giggles, I bought a lottery ticket yesterday (haven't checked to see if I won anything yet). Wondered for a little bit if with the economy the way it is right now if sales of lottery tickets are up with people trying to get that extra cash and a better shot at the American dream, or if they're down cause people don't have the extra cash to fork out for the tickets. Hmmmmm..............

I start a new job tomorrow. Job I just got out of was a miserable experience, and glad to be done with it. Told my mom about the new job (a retail position, but not the usual stuff), and she asked if I was ready to deal with all the freaks and weird people that would come in..........

Does she realize how many years I've worked in the retail world? This WHOLE TIME I've had to deal with weirdos, freaks, malcontents, loners, losers, and everything in between!!! You deal with the public for so many years, you start to know what to expect.

I know the news is old by now but hells yes for Obama as our President Elect!!!! I was talking to some friends on Friday night about it, and what here's my take on the whole thing. A new generation of people are taking over for the better. No more dusty old white men in charge of things keeping the status quo the way things have been for so long. Things are changing, times are changing. Those who don't wanna change with it are gonna get left out in the cold, relics of a time that needs not be revisited. It doesn't matter to me the color of Obama's skin, the only thing that matters to me is that he stands as a beacon of hope and change that we need very much right now.

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