Friday, November 14, 2008

Sleep, work, and other random stuff that may pop in my head

Sleep has been weird for me as of late.

Past couple of weeks I've been waking up exactly 2 hours before my alarm will go off. It's not that big of a deal seeing as how I'm pretty much able to drift right back to sleep after it happens. But it does make me ponder why the hell this is happening on such a regular basis.

And the internet has invaded the dreams I've had. One dream was about a recent ex making blog posts saying what a rotten person I am, how I suck, etc. That one was enough to make me check a site she has to see if had really done it while I had been proud to say that I had been avoiding looking at the page she has up to move on. Another dream had someone posting on this very blog page saying all sorts of crazy shit. Ain't it a sign of the times when the internet is now invading my sleep life?

First week at the new job is almost done.

It's kind of retail, but kind of not. Moreover selling a service than a good.......kinda. But like the rest of the "retail" world, things are getting hectic and crazy around the new job, and here I am trying to get a handle on the gig, and act like I know what I'm doing even though I barely have a clue, all the while trying not to ask the manager above me too many questions cause that person has more than enough on their plate this time of year than to handle my constant barrage of questions.

Starting to wonder if in my latest job search it was wise to still stay in a "retail" environment. The way the economy is going the "retail" world is doing pretty shabby, so here's how it breaks down.

-Place not making any money........Payroll for the employees gets sliced down.

-Now about half the people have to do the work of a full staff, which makes things shitty for the employees and the customers.

-All the while you have the people in the corporate offices screaming bloody murder at you because you aren't making the money because yeah, not enough profit to give out payroll, but now that the payroll is slashed and you have less employees working, the customer service just isn't there, and customers slowly fade away!!!

I think a lot of this business does lie in the fact that lots of the higher ups who work in the corporate offices have been out of the store atmosphere for so long that they forgot how it works (or never worked the store level for that matter). But it is a vicious circle of not enough cash to go around. But it's still unfair as hell to expect the same amount of work load done and same amount of profit to come out of a smaller amount of employees.

Who else can't wait for this economy to turn around??? Raise your hands.

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Xavier Onassis said...

This economy doesn't affect me. I've vaccinated myself.

I sold my house years ago and now rent. So weird mortgages and interest rates don't affect me. I pay my rent on time...I'm good.

I withdrew all of the cash out of my 401k years ago to cover my forced "downsizing". So I have no investments and no retirement account. I have nothing.

Fluctuactions in The Market mean nothing to me because I don't have a dog in that fight. I'm clean.

I'm already in the "one missed paycheck away from complete financial meltdown" category.

The company I work for is very conservative and is too smart to fuck around with "credit default swaps" and "securitized derivatives". We are still growing and hiring.

So as long as I keep getting a paycheck, the fate of Wall Street and Motor City don't mean shit to me beyond the compassion factor.