Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Notes of random nature

Bizarre dream Dept: Had one last night where me and an old girlfriend from waaayyyy back in the day had a couple kids with us and were taking a trip like the movie "Vacation". Instead of the vibrating bed that you put quarters in like they had in the movie, we had a vibrating 2 person bath tub.

Not a jacuzzi, a large bath tub that you put quarters into, and the thing would vibrate. And apparently, I was supposed to be a secret agent as well, cause a screen pops outta nowhere and the actor David Niven (guy who played Bond the the Woody Allen "Casino Royale") shows up on it to give me my next assignment. Cant have some boring, run of the mill dream where I'm doing stuff like laundry, can I???

Never thought this would happen Dept: I think I've lost my taste for drinking!!!! Over the past couple weeks me having a couple of beers and getting a good buzz on the down time has happened less. Tried it on Monday night while chilling out gabbing at people on the internet and didn't enjoy it at all!!! Are the days of the wacky, drunken Rusty over??? That might actually be a good thing.

Enjoy the time Dept: Past few weeks I've only had one day off work cause it's the "busy" season. Yeah, that sucks, but I've done it before. Only real problem is that one day off I've got is me trying to cram a bunch of stuff into that I'm not able to do with the days I work. Right now all I'm wishing for is one day off that I can truly sleep in and not have to do jack shit. Hopefully that can happen next week, instead of using Christmas Day as my "not do a damn thing day" like I have in the past.

Personal update Dept: I have been starting to feel better in my head. Not nearly as good as I want to, but I'm getting there. Yeah, there's been good days and there's been bad days, but the bad days have been easier to stomach. Thank you to friends that I have talked to over the past weeks about what what has been going on in my mind. Still have work to do, but I think I'm on the right track.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Say a prayer for Bettie...................

Just found this out.............

LOS ANGELES— Bettie Page, whose magazine photographs in bikinis and see-through lingerie helped her become one of the most notable models of the 20th century, was hospitalized in intensive care after suffering a heart attack, her agent said Friday.

"She’s critically ill," Mark Roesler of the Curtis Management Group told The Associated Press.

He said she had the heart attack on Tuesday and was hospitalized Friday in the Los Angeles area.

A family friend, Todd Mueller, said Page was in a coma. When asked to confirm, Roesler said, "I would not deny that," but he would not comment further on her condition.

Page, a secretary turned model, is credited with helping set the stage for the sexual revolution of the rebellious 1960s. She attracted national attention with magazine photographs of her sensuous figure that were tacked up on walls across the country.

Her photos included a centerfold in the January 1955 issue of then-fledgling Playboy magazine, as well as controversial sadomasochistic poses.

Page later spent decades away from the public eye, and during that time battled mental illness and became a born-again Christian.

After resurfacing in the 1990s, she occasionally granted interviews but refused to allow her picture to be taken.

Mueller credits his business dealings with Page for bringing her out of seclusion. He said he first met her in 1989 when he offered her "a bunch of money" to show up at autograph signings.

"I probably sold 3,000 of her autographs, usually for $200 to $300," he said. "Eleanor Roosevelt, we got $40-$50. ... Bettie Page outsells them all."

Thursday, December 04, 2008

IPod shuffle survey

Haven't done one of these in a bit, always fun to do..........

1) Open up your library (iPod, Winamp, iTunes, etc.)

2) Put it on shuffle

3) Press play

4) for each question, type in what song is playing

5) hit next for each question

Here goes everything.


1. What do people assume when they first look at me?

Darn That Dream- Miles Davis

2. What will be a big challenge in life for me?

Halloween- The Misfits (huh?)

3. Am I a good boyfriend/girlfriend?

Lullaby- Tom Waits

4. Do I have a Secret Admirer?

You Keep Me Hanging On- Madness

5. Will I ever become manically depressed in my life?

Old School Rules- Dangerdoom

7. Is someone trying to kill me?

Down In The Park- Foo Fighters (shit, Dave Grohl is trying to kill me!!!)

8. What is my sexual preference?

Cretin Hop- Ramones (ok, got no clue what that one means, don't even wanna guess!!)

9. What am I afraid of?

Evening at Lafittes- Squirrel Nut Zippers (I'm not afraid of being social!)

10. What will I be doing in a few years?

What Your Soul Sings- Massive Attack (awww, that sounds nice!!!)

11. What is some good advice for me?

Flamenco Sketches- Miles Davis

12. What should I do instead of this quiz?

Get Off This- Cracker (wanna change the world, shut your mouth, start this minute!)

13. Will you get married?

Gasoline- MDFMK (so I take it that's a no???)

14. What is the story of your life?

Phlegmatics- Mr. Bungle (ewwwwwwwwww)

15. How can you get ahead in life?

Strangers On A Train- Lovage (what the hell man?? Never been on a train before!!!)

16. What is the best thing about your friends?

Your Rules- Andrew WK (sweet!!!! And right now I'm thinking it's odd no Bad Religion or Social D have popped up on the shuffle yet. This is MY IPod we're talking about!!!)

17. What song describes you?

Monkey Wrench- Foo Fighters

18. How does the world see you?

Heading Out To The Highway- Judas Priest (COOL!!!!!!)

19. Will you have a happy life?

Terrible Lie- Nine Inch Nails (Oh that just sucks!!!! Fuck you Ipod!!!!)

20. How can I make myself happy?

God Send Death- Slayer (now this shit ain't even funny anymore!! I wanna punch my IPod!!!!)

21. What should you do with your life?

Circles- Bob Mould

22. Will you ever have children?

Zealots- The Fugees

Yep, think the Ipod hates me tonight!!!!!!