Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Notes of random nature

Bizarre dream Dept: Had one last night where me and an old girlfriend from waaayyyy back in the day had a couple kids with us and were taking a trip like the movie "Vacation". Instead of the vibrating bed that you put quarters in like they had in the movie, we had a vibrating 2 person bath tub.

Not a jacuzzi, a large bath tub that you put quarters into, and the thing would vibrate. And apparently, I was supposed to be a secret agent as well, cause a screen pops outta nowhere and the actor David Niven (guy who played Bond the the Woody Allen "Casino Royale") shows up on it to give me my next assignment. Cant have some boring, run of the mill dream where I'm doing stuff like laundry, can I???

Never thought this would happen Dept: I think I've lost my taste for drinking!!!! Over the past couple weeks me having a couple of beers and getting a good buzz on the down time has happened less. Tried it on Monday night while chilling out gabbing at people on the internet and didn't enjoy it at all!!! Are the days of the wacky, drunken Rusty over??? That might actually be a good thing.

Enjoy the time Dept: Past few weeks I've only had one day off work cause it's the "busy" season. Yeah, that sucks, but I've done it before. Only real problem is that one day off I've got is me trying to cram a bunch of stuff into that I'm not able to do with the days I work. Right now all I'm wishing for is one day off that I can truly sleep in and not have to do jack shit. Hopefully that can happen next week, instead of using Christmas Day as my "not do a damn thing day" like I have in the past.

Personal update Dept: I have been starting to feel better in my head. Not nearly as good as I want to, but I'm getting there. Yeah, there's been good days and there's been bad days, but the bad days have been easier to stomach. Thank you to friends that I have talked to over the past weeks about what what has been going on in my mind. Still have work to do, but I think I'm on the right track.

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Byron said...

I've read many of your posts. This is/was an excellent blog. If you're alive & well, please consider returning to the blogosphere.