Sunday, August 25, 2013

When is the next jump????

So the middle of this past week I was at the gas station before work filling up the truck. On the other side of the pump a car pulls up, some kinda smoke coming out from under the hood. The driver gets out of the car with a cigarette in his mouth popping the hood to see what is going on............. Let's do the math here friends........ Gas pumps. Smoke coming out from under the hood. Lit cigarette. Guess who started to see his life flash before his eyes? Now I'm a big fan of Darwinism in the fact that if you do stupid shit, your ass is grass. One less dumbass doing dumbass shit that someone else a little bit brighter than said dumbass has to clean up. My one requests for the dumbasses? PLEASE have just enough of a glimmer of common sense to not take out anyone else when you go out in a blaze of stupidity, namely ME!!!!!! "Here lies Rusty, his demise was not due to an inevitable heart attack from one too many cheeseburgers or fried pickles, or from a heart attack from the shock that a woman (eventually) agreed to have sex with him. No, it was from some jackass doing things a toddler would tell you is a really bad idea". I'm not a fan of that kinda eulogy while my friends bicker about who gets what outta my movie and comic collection (reminds me I need to write a will for that kinda stuff, NO WAY are my beloved comics and movies gonna wind up in a Goodwill bin). My one question is, when is our next jump in evolution?? When will the next leap happen when more of our brains are illuminated and used that guys like me don't have to worry about, or keep up my guard for when someone with a lack of common sense may wind up leading to my untimely demise?? My best guess is it's not gonna anytime soon, so it's best for you and for me to keep our wits about us.

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Byron Funkhouser said...

I was the Assistant Manager at a gas station once, & it was my job to tell them that they couldn't pump gas if they were smoking &/or the engine was running. Invariably, they would cuss me out & tell me how stupid I was.

Well, I was an Assistant Manager at a gas station once ...