Monday, October 06, 2014

Looking back before going forward in a TV sense

Tomorrow night The CW will start up a new series for "The Flash". Frankly, I'm giddy as hell. Flash is one of my favorites when it comes to the super heroes, and the popularity of comic books heroes giving Flash another shot, not to mention already being a spin off of another comic show, "Arrow". I'm hoping that this trend is here for the long run. But for tonight I'm checking out the 90's series they did for The Flash. Riding the comic book popularity wave after Batman hit the big screen, the Scarlett Speedster got a season on CBS. I wished back in the day that the show had at least another season, but back then a raging geek in his early teens even one season was more than enough to keep me glued to the tube whenever it was on. For the most part it was a good show! Yes a few flaws here and there, sometimes a little corny, but I wasn't going to be like the comic book geek who has to nitpick every little thing when a character comes to the screen. I knew then and still hold to it that when a character comes to TV or film you gotta make certain concessions to make the character appeal to a wider audience. So long as you don't stray too far off course from the actual core of the character I don't really give two shits how tall Wolverine is in the movies. But I digress, back to "The Flash"!! What did I dig about the show??? It didn't take itself too seriously, while there was a sophistication to it, there was still a part of it that made it feel like it had just jumped from the comic book page. The Danny Elfman theme song? Another high point!! The man put his mark on Batman, so why not Flash?? The Flash suit looked pretty sweet, not to god awful bright with the red & yellow, they kept the colors muted. It also had a little bit of the sculpted look like the Keaton Batman costume. Having Mark Hamill guest star as the Trickster from Flash's Rogues Gallery was a brilliant stroke, and even with the minor changes David Cassidy did a decent job as Mirror Master. The standout episodes for me were the ones that featured Nightshade, a masked hero from the 50's (in the vein of Green Hornet), that came out retirement to help the Flash. Last but not least, Alex Desert as Julio, the co-worker of Barry Allen (The Flash) was always a standout. But there were a couple flaws here and there. The biggie that messed with me was when they brought in Capitan Cold. This is where the get too far away from the character that I have to call a foul. They made him an albino hitman in a suit with an ice weapon, not like the comics version that's a decent character, granted a supervillain wearing a parka may come off as a little lame. The comic relief of a couple beat cops with goofy schemes & one liners never really came off as that funny. And every episode there was some scene where Barry/Flash had to use super speed to deal with some little work or domestic issue with disastrous results. I always assumed it was one of those hooks to make the non comic book crowd have a little giggle. Ah well, nothing is ever perfect and you have to take the bad with the good. When all is said and done, Flash my friend, you've been gone from the small screen for far too long, here's hoping that the CW show does you some justice, you had a good jumping off point those years back.

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